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05-02-2003, 11:03 AM
Has anyone used a Seat-2-Go for an older child? It attaches to the back of a stroller and provides 2 steps that can be used by an older child to sit (rear-facing) or stand (front-facing). They cost around $50. <http://www.ababy.com/itempage.asp?CategoryID=96&Total=4&Cur=4&itemno=1114>

DD (3 years old) is no longer very willing to share the tandem stroller with DS (14 months). She prefers to ride her trike or walk, but gets tired and then fights riding in the stroller. We're also considering a wagon. Clearly, we need something that offers some flexibility so that either or both children can ride as needed. While we'll probably end up with a wagon, I'm also interested in the Seat-2-Go because I need something fairly compact that we can take with us (easily) this summer on several trips.

I posted this same message to the Baby Bargains board.