View Full Version : Anyone have a Chariot Cougar Bike Trailer?

05-12-2003, 10:59 PM
Hi-- I usually post on the Baby Bargains stroller board, but maybe this question is more appropriate for a more mature audience, lol.

My husband gave me the green light on getting a bike trailer for Mother's Day. I like the convenience of the Chariot line, but I don't know much about them.

I think I'd get the double. Anyone have an opinion? Are they worth the extra $$? Are there others I should consider? We aren't huge bikers so most use would be on nearby bike trails. I like the Chariot b/c they seem to convert to stroller-mode very easily if I wanted to pop into a store or something while out and about.

Thanks, Stephanie

05-14-2003, 09:16 PM
You may want to post on the BabyBargains board anyway - I think Hipmaman (Tam) has a Chariot, and I'm pretty sure it's a Cougar.

The Chariot Cougar is what I've set my heart on for when baby #2 is ready to ride in one with his/her sister. (Right now, baby #1 rides in a bike seat.) I'm not a fanatic every-day triathlete kind of biker either, but I've found it does wonders for my weight and muscle tone.

Yes, the Chariots convert from one mode to another in seconds - I've seen and done it in the stores. IMHO, they are the best in the business at both speed and usability of the conversions. They are also superbly balanced and light as a feather - I had a single trailer converted to stroller mode with the two swivel wheels, and with my daughter in it I could make it do 360s in front of me with one finger! I am also impressed with the safety and sturdiness of the design - some trailers seem awfully flimsy by comparison to me.

If you want to pop into a store or wherever, the double may be a tad wide for some doors - check the specifications. And if you aren't planning another child right away you may find that child #1 is too big/long to ride in it by the time #2 is ready, so in that case the double may not be a huge advantage where you're concerned. (I'm having a mommy brain moment and must confess that I forget what your child inventory is!! My excuse is that DD did not settle down for the night until 5am this morning...)

When it comes to extra $$, the word I have from the bike-shop guys, and from my own observations of the want ads, is that used Chariots generally sell for between 65 to 75% of their new value, so they hold their value well.

I hope all that helps!



05-25-2003, 12:56 PM
We bougth the Chariot Cougar last year and LOVE it. It converts to a stroller very easily. We origanly bought it thinking we wouldn't use it as a jogger much since we already had one, but ended up liking it more because it was so easy to stear and so light weight. We only haave one child yet, but it is great cause we can pack a picnic and toys in there as well. My daughter, almost 2 now, loves riding in hers. I very much recomend them!!