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07-02-2003, 12:31 PM
My dd will be 30 mos. when #2 arrives. We have a whole array of strollers already and my DH can't believe we need another (double) stroller. Presently, our dd doesn't really want to be in the stroller in first place (the toddler thing) but I understand this is likely to diminish--especially when #2 arrives.

I'm wondering about alternatives, specifically toddler seats and/or Buggy Boards. They seem to be quite popular in Europe. I picked up new demo version of a Zooper Double-Up for $40 a few months back "just in case" but some have said the toddler seat's too close to the infant seat to use for very long. We have a PP Pliko with the built-in riding board, but it's impossible to push with one hand.

In addition to the Zooper Double-Up and the Pliko we also have an old Emmaljunga Viking, a MBUD (which we *LOVE*--wouldn't have had another stroller if we'd gotten it first!), and an older ultralight Combi Savvy-Z. In addition we have a Baby Trekker, Baby Bjorn, and Kelty backpack. (I can't believe we have this much stuff-LOL!)

Anyway, what do you all think? We live in the city and do considerable neighborhood walking on less-than perfect side walks. We also go walking in the woods when we can. And of course, there's always shopping in malls.

Thanks for your ideas/comments.


07-02-2003, 03:01 PM
We, too had a Zooper Double Up, but that seems so long ago. Basically, if your DD is tall or has long legs, it takes some maneuvering to get into that jumpseat. As for the baby, just hope that they don't want a view! It really is TOO close and only stayed at our house until DS turned 6 months! HTH! I also thought I wanted a Pliko for the footboards, but got lucky and have acquired a PP Roma which has a footboard on both sides and a reversible handle. DD prefers riding facing her brother and there is more space on that side too. BTW! I don't have a MBUD, but isn't it supposed to do everything??? :)

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07-02-2003, 03:20 PM
Whoops! Point of clarification, we have a MBUS (if we had a MBUD we wouldn't have any questions, right?)