View Full Version : Review of test-drive: 3 SBS doubles

09-06-2003, 01:49 PM
I posted this on the BB boards--thought it might be helpful to some here as well who are trying to make the great light-weight double decision. : )

Peg Aria Twin:
Pros: pushes very easily, great basket, easy to fold, toddler had the most
shoulder room of the 3 strollers we tried
Cons: sunshades are very skimpy, padding on the bottom is quite thin--it's
true that Maclaren padding isn't thick either, but I was REALLY disappointed
in the way this was constructed--you can really feel the hard surface (with
no give) through the padding. Peg "cheaped out" here--could have easily
done a little more for not much more money, IMO

Combi Twin:
Pros: padding is nice and comfortable for child of any age; little extras like the
child cupholders (very functional and nicer looking than a child-tray),
parent-accessory holder, and acoustic canopy, good sunshades, and
compact fold (folds inward and clips together which makes for a small
package). Has carrying strap--you can actually carry this double stroller
on your shoulder. At 18 lbs., it's really not that bad.
Cons: toddler seemed a little more crowded at the shoulder level (though this
might be an artifact of the extra padding), seat recline is done through
a belt system--a lot like Mountain Buggy's. It's a little awkward--to me
more awkward than the zippers on the Aria. Also, the most upright
position was still somewhat reclined--more reclined than my 2 year-old

Maclaren Twin Traveler:
Pros: solid-as-a-rock, well-constructed stroller--looks like this could last for
years and years; recline is the deepest/fullest on all 3; has an easy-to-use
5 position recline system; comes with head supports and boots to help
snuggle a little baby; padding was surpringly good--much better than
Peg's padding on the bottom; compact fold for a 25 lb. stroller
Cons: the biggest downside of this stroller, hands-down, is one I've never
heard anyone mention--the unfolding process. The first step is easy, but
to click it into its open position, you have to step down on a plastic part
that's nearly flush with the stroller frame. It's nearly impossible to do
and hurts your foot. True, it might loosen up over time, but this is just
plain, bad design. Our Techno is MUCH easier to unfold (with a similar
but better-shaped place to step). Other cons include: the weight (at
25 lbs., you really feel the difference lifting this one up to trunk-height;
toddler seemed somewhat tight at shoulder level--about comparable to
Combi (this was a surprise to me--I thought he'd have more room in
this stroller).

Meanwhile, here was the store feedback: most who come in looking for a light-weight SBS buy the Combi. They sell more of these than the Pegs. Salesperson seemed to have a leaning toward the Combi. 2 separate customers recommended the Maclaren as the "best" of the 3. One cited best quality because of heavier construction. Other gave good testimonial--said her older daughter had ridden in it until age 6 1/2!!!

My inclination is to go with the Peg, despite the seat padding issue, and see if I can find something that my toddler can sit on (baby can go in a Snuzzler). The reason? Mainly because the Peg seemed just a touch more roomy.

Hope this review helps others searching for SBS doubles. My conclusion is that there just isn't a perfect one out there. Meanwhile, I fell in love with the P3. The Synergy fabric is so soft and pretty. The Black Sable was striking too. Now if only my toddler were ready to ride on the rear steps (no luck with that yet).

& Jack, 4/20/01
& Little Boy Two, e.d.d., 12/15/03