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09-30-2003, 04:08 PM
I am looking for a lightweight stroller to take me all the way until my ds is done with strollers for good!! I have checked out the combis. Both the Soho and the Savvy DX. I just didn't like the look of them in person. They seemed very plasticky and looked narrow for some reason. I was all set on the Volo with the accessory pack BUT then noticed that the Maclaren Triumph (used to be known as the Daytripper) is the same price. The Triumph is 2-3 lbs heavier (not a big deal to me) but has one recline. My ds will not nap in a stroller, but I can always hope that he will change later on!! I like the reflector stripe for safety. Otherwise these strollers are about the same. What do you all think? Anyone own these and have a preference??

Also, what do you do if there is no snack tray? How do you deal with that?

Now for color . . .do you like the iris (periwinkle blue)? I thought it looked nice. The red is really sporty though.

Our ds is tall and slim and my dh is 6'3". I'm hoping this is a good stroller for both although I am the main user of the stroller (I'm 5'8"). Any good deals out there? I've seen the same $150.00 price everywhere.

Thanks for any help,
mommy to Liam 5-10-02

Tondi G
10-02-2003, 12:30 PM
I would go with the Triumph! I think its a nice looking stroller! Just saw one in red the other day and it was cool! I prefer the Triumph to the Volo simply because with the accessory pack the Volo becomes a boring grey stroller! Having the recline might come in handy for future children too!

Good Luck.... hope that helps you!