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Nuts Mom
01-20-2004, 06:28 PM
I have a small 23 month old son who weighs approximately 24 lbs and I need a lightweight mall crawling stroller with a decent sized basket. We live in Arizona so a full canopy is a must (even for just going from the car to the store) and that is why I've ruled out many other strollers.

I've narrowed it down to the Combi Perfect Match Convenice 6620 and Combi Savvy DX but cannot decide between the two and have no access to try either of them out in person. I would go with the 6620, as it seems sturdier, but am worried that it would take up the entire truck when folded.

Does anyone have either of these strollers and can you tell me how small they get when folded (especially the 6620) and your general opinion of them?

Thank you in advance!

(mom to Nicholas)

01-28-2004, 11:46 PM
Up until a few weeks ago I was using a Combi PerfectMatch stroller -- I think it was a 6610 model, but I'm not 100% sure -- I got it when DS#1 was born (he's 3 1/2 now). The stroller has broken beyond repair, but it was used on an almost dialy basis for nearly 3 1/2 years without a problem. I would highly recommend it, especially over the Savvy. The biggest problem that I found with the Savvy is that it gets hard to steer as the child gets heavier.

The 6620 folds fairly flat and doesn't take up *that* much room in the trunk, but I guess it also depends on what kind of car you have. We have a Ford Taurus and a Honda Odyssey mini-van and I don't feel like the stroller took up too much space.

Mom to Jason (5/25/00) & Devin (5/12/03)

02-26-2004, 03:01 PM
I was using the Combi Perfect Match and I wouldn't exactly call it lightweight! It's certainly lighter than a lot of stuff out there but it does take up a lot of room in our trunk. It only folds in half so the width is still there, but I guess it does fold pretty flat. It seemed a little rickety on the streets for me, but would probably work fine in the mall and the price is right. I recently sold mine and bought a mac volo.

Mama to Jack, 6/4/02

02-26-2004, 04:44 PM
I'm not sure which model number Perfect Match I have - but my big issue with it is that I tend to kick the bar in the back. I'm not tall (5'3") but I guess I take fairly big steps?! My daughter will be 2 in May, so I've had it almost 2 years. She has used it the entire time, until we purchased a Mac Quest for traveling. It doesn't get very small, obviously the width stays the same, and the height is about 5-6" high. The problem I've had in folding it is getting the basket to go the right way so it folds as flat as possible.

Honestly, after having a Mac, I don't think I would buy another Combi. I've kept it so I can put the next baby in there (in the Snug Ride) and once that stage is over I'm selling it! While it's good for the streets (but not with the Snug Ride, it bounces a lot since the weight isn't really in the front) it's just too big for my trunk!

Michelle - Mom to Alia born 5/16/02

03-09-2004, 07:01 PM
I have not owned either of this stroller, but I did look at the Convenience 6600 series very closely. They are bigger strollers than the Savvy DX in both the seat size and folded size. I don't remember the difference anymore between the 6610, 6620, 6630, but canopy size and wheel size are one of the differences. The basket is much bigger and stronger on the Convenience line. To investigate further, you could look in the Baby Bargains message boards, stroller folder, and do a search of Combi convenience. Some poster - a father, as I recall - posted a very good summary of the differences between the different Combis back in 2002, when I was shopping for them.

The Convenience strollers often are a little stiff folding and unfolding, as I recall. They made a cracking sound when new, but I think that might loosen up over time. Also, the baby store where I looked in person, insisted that the wheels had to be lined up and locked before closing the stroller, or the wheels would ultimately break. I sincerely doubt that most parents bother to do that, but the stroller did seem to close better with wheels locked.

Not much help, I'm afraid, but I hope it adds some info. from the actual owerns and users of this stroller.

Edited to say: I just did a search and didn't find the review I was looking for, but here are three others that may be helpful.

Regarding different models of Combi Convenience

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Davi Peraino
03-20-2004, 12:15 AM
This message may be too late, but for others out there -
I bought the Perfect Match Convenience to use with my Snugride about a year ago when my daughter was born. The clicking/snapping sound never went away, and after a while the stroller stopped folding flat. Maybe it was because I didn't lock the wheels each time I folded it ;) The stroller was wide when folded, took up almost all of the trunk space in my Grand-Am, and the canopy never seemed to be long enough to keep the sun out. On the plus side, I did like the cupholder...
We bought a Mac techno at six months and I love it. In terms of the canopy, since they are skimpy, we will probably add a shade-a-bub this summer, especially since my daughter is a pale redhead.
Overall, I would definitely recommend a Mac or a Peg Perego for sturdiness and ease of use over the Perfect Match.