View Full Version : Do the seats recline in the Kelty Double Joggers?

02-23-2004, 02:13 PM
I am trying to decide between the BOB Jogger and the Kelty. There is no indication on the web sites that I looked at that the Kelty seats recline.

Twinner Mom
02-24-2004, 10:25 PM
The seats in the Kelty do not recline. They are nicely padded, so kids sleep pretty easily in them. You might want to check the reviews on RunningTimes.com and see what they had to say about the two strollers (if you plan on running with them, that is). I have the Kelty Dueuce and a Baby Jogger Twinner. I love the Kelty for long walks and more rugged terrain, but prefer the light weight and easy maneuverabilty of the Baby Jogger for running. I don't have experience with the BOB. I would also suggest finding a store where you can test them out before buying. What works for one person, doesn't for another.