View Full Version : Plane travel. Can I leave convertible seat home?

02-25-2004, 04:07 PM
I'm traveling from NY to LA in a few days with my 21-month-old. Our friends will be picking us up at the airport and they have a convertible seat. I don't want to bring mine on the plane b/c a) I don't want to lug that AND stroller, toddler and bag and b) I'm still nursing and when I've traveled with the seat before, I'm so squished between it and the person on the other side of me (that's always been my husband), that my son lies across both of us when he nurses. If we're on a full flight and there's someone next to me on the plane, we'll have zero room. (Also, I got accustomed to nursing in public, but now that he's bigger and moves all over the place, it's getting trickier!) So, hope to leave the seat at home.

My only hesitation: that my son won't nap without it in that plane seat. It's a long flight, 5 to 6 hours. Also, wonder if I'll be able to get him to sit when he's supposed to wear a seat belt, etc. Hope he'll be OK if there's any turbulence.

Has anyone had experience with this? This is my first flight just me and the babe and I'm a little nervous. Thanks!

02-26-2004, 02:55 PM
My son Jack is also 21 months (almost) and I have always held him on my lap since they don't require you to have a seat until he is 2. He has always slept without a problem - it will be even better if you have a seat for your son as it will give you a little more room! He can put his head on your lap to sleep. On our most recent trip last month, it was a little hard to keep him entertained so bring lots of things to do, but otherwise I wouldn't worry about a thing - leave your seat at home!

Mama to Jack, 6/4/02