View Full Version : Sit 'n' Stand vs. Peg Tender vs. Jeep Wagoneer

03-21-2004, 02:20 AM
I've narrowed it down to these three strollers b/c all take the Peg carseat, and I'm wondering if anyone has input. My older child will be 22 months when the baby comes - is that too young for the Sit 'n' Stand? Then between the Peg and the Jeep I'm leaning toward the Peg b/c it is much lighter, and you can put the carseat in either seat. Any opinions?

03-25-2004, 12:35 AM
Don't really know too much about the Peg Double, so unfortunately, I can't help you there.

Back in late 2002, when I was in the market for a double stroller, I was very interested in the SNS. I liked the compactness of it. When I saw the latest model (Sit 'n' Stand LX III, I think) IRL at The Right Start, the salesperson told me that when you use the infant car seat on the stroller, the older child can only stand; there really wasn't enough room in the back of the stroller for the older one to sit. I thought, "What's the point of getting it if I can't use the back seat w/ the infant car seat attached?" So, I chose the Jeep Wagoneer. I'm glad I chose the Jeep over the SNS because my DD really likes looking forward and seeing what's ahead of her. I think she would've hated sitting in the rumble seat of the SNS and looking at my lower torso all the time! :)

A while back, someone had asked for opinions about the Jeep. A few of us posted reviews at the following (including me):