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06-17-2004, 11:12 AM
Taking a poll here: for Moms who have 3 to 4 year olds and a younger child... "How often do you use the double stroller for the older child? Do they walk often enough that it is a redundant purchase? Or do you find it valuable?"

Thanks in advance for all insights!

pamela mom of 3
06-17-2004, 08:55 PM
I found it very useful when my kids were younger, now the youngest two being 5.5 & 3.5, the 3.5yo is pretty much the only one who rides BUT last year i did use my double for the zoo, even my 7yo at the time rode a bit when tired.

At the mall for sure when i had the 2yo and newborn it was a must...and remained that way till she was about 4 1/2 to 5yrs old.

HTH :)

~Pamela Mom Of 3


06-17-2004, 10:23 PM
I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old and I still use the double more then I would like. Just today I tried to use the single at the mall. My 5 year old was quite perplexed as he looked at the stroller and tried to figure out where he was going to sit.

I told him he could walk. He told me he gets tired after about 13 steps... Just the idea of his sister riding makes him want to ride. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE THE SAME!

06-18-2004, 01:26 AM
My two children are now 16 months (DS) and 3 1/2 years (DD). We still find that our double is still needed depending upon where we go and what we're going to do.

When my DS was born, the double was used almost exclusively for the first year. After my DD was old enough to walk without running away from me, I began to use my single stroller. For short trips to the store or window shopping, I use my 2001 Peg Perego Pliko. I like the step feature on the back of this stroller so when my DD does get a bit tired of walking, or if I want to head somewhere quickly, I'll just ask her to hop on board and off we go.

I'll use our double when we do all day things like the fair, zoo or an amusement park. It's nice to have the double when she's tired or when there are big crowds. Plus, I like the storage that our double has. I'll also use the double when I need to use some SERIOUS shopping at the mall and don't want to worry too much about where my DD has headed to.


06-29-2004, 01:51 AM
I can't offer any answers since I only have one child who is 19 months, but I was surprised at how many people (not on this board) told me I don't need a double. Number 2 is due in early October adn #1 will be 22 months. I didn't even question whether I needed one or not, but which one to get. DD #1 still loves the stroller and I intend on getting a lot of use out of it.

FWIW, I just ordered the Kiwi E3 today, it's a single that converts to a double and then back to a single. It might be worth taking a look at for you.

07-01-2004, 09:07 AM
I use mine everyday. My 3 yo prefers riding to walking. I only wish I had a larger car so I could bring it to the mall. :)

07-14-2004, 01:51 AM
I have the baby trend sit n stand which gives my 4 1/2 yr old DS the option of sitting, standing or popping on & off as he wishes without interferance from mom. He's really good at it, too. I'll be walking along pushing the stroller and he'll just duck under the handle to get on or off as he wishes. Sometimes he rides in the parking lot and walks in stores/mall. For trips like the zoo or Disneyland or an aquarium it is invaluable!! DS & DD actually prefer it without the canopy, which is fine with me because it won't fit in my trunk (well, didn't... we'll see what car I get next) with the canopy on anyway. So I just leave it off unless DD is asleep when I transfer her to the stroller and she stays asleep in the stroller (rare, but it happens). I like having the option of having a seat for him so if he is misbehaving, I can strap him into the seat for a time-out. So I would say, DS uses the stroller often. I highly recommend the sit n stand for those with a 2-3 year age gap between kids.

07-28-2004, 07:54 PM
My daughter was 26 months when my son was born. We bought both a double jogger and a double stroller. Neither of them fancy or expensive.

I used the double stroller in the first 6 months for trips to the Mall, the zoo and downtown. I actually don't do much mall shopping - much prefer catalog and internet. When we're in the park, I use the double jogger. The double stroller is now in the garage and I never use it. Now that my dd is 3 years 4 months, she is old enough to walk. She's great about holding my hand or staying close by. A pediatrician mentioned to me that toddlers spend far too much time in strollers and should be walking. I'm glad I spent so little on it considering it wasn't used much.

Typically, when we're out, it's not for all that long. I do have a concern about Disneyland, etc, which we're planning for the next year. I can't see buying another stroller at this point, so I'm not sure what we'll do.

My husband and I both run so we needed a double jogger to replace the single one we had. I only run about 12 miles a week, so I didn't feel justified spending a lot of money on a top of the line one. Here's what we bought:

Double jogger - Baby trend purchased at TRU: It was about $120 and is harder to steer than the single jogger we had (which wasn't expensive either). I think my saving grace here is that I've never tried a high end jogger. I'm sure if I did, I'd immediately hate mine and want something better! The way I look at it is; it works. Maybe it's hard to push, but so what, I get a better work out I guess.

My advice would be to spend little. Either a used high end one, or cheap brand new. You probably won't use it all that long.

Phoebe, mom to Susan 3, and David 1

08-16-2004, 04:02 PM
I have had 5 double strollers and they have all sat in my house collecting dust. My main stroller is a peg perego with the footboard. My barely 3 year old walks alot and just hops on back when we are crossing the street or in a hurry.

08-20-2004, 12:35 PM
DS1 turned 3 this past weekend, DS2 turned 1 about three weeks ago. I use my MBUD enough that it is nearly always in my car and I would say I used it about every other day. DS1 will ride in it while we get from the parking lot into a place, or on a walk he will start out walking and then opt to ride. I worried about the longevity of the purchase and am happy (one year in) that I did it. Too when i go to places like the zoo, aquarium, etc... it is really handy. I look to use it for these two for at least another year.

08-30-2004, 12:18 AM
I use my double mountain buggy almost every day (neighborhood, farmers market, grocery, etc.) My double 'mall' stroller almost NEVER. In mall situations, I use me Peg Pergo. My almost 2yo sits in it, an my almost 4 yo either stands or climbs in with her. Kristan