View Full Version : Stroller clarification for toddler and newborn

07-11-2004, 05:45 AM
I have a toddler who will be 23mo when the new baby arrives at the end of Aug. DD is 34Ē tall and 30lbs and has a healthy appetite so Iím concerned about the width and max. weight a stroller can handle. I use the stroller mostly for sidewalks, malls, Disneyland, etc. No real off roading or running (unless Iím late). I apologize if these questions all seem randomly ordered.

1. Could I purchase a double jogging stroller and have that as my one and only stroller for indoor/outdoor use? Or do most people just have 2 types of strollers? (one for the mall/smooth pavement vs. one for actual jogging/ rough terrain)?

2. I couldnít find a MBUD so I tried a MBUS but didnít like it. It was awkward to steer and just not as smooth as my Peg Atlantico. I know Iím looking at apples & oranges but does the MBUD operate just like the single MBUS? (I am probably not use to a jogging stroller so maybe I should give it another chance).

3. If you purchased a SBS, what did you do with the infant before 6 months? I am assuming people used a Baby Bjorn or similar carrier while pushing (or chasing) around their toddler when they were out. Not sure my back could handle a baby attached to me for 6 months.

4. Assume the maximum stroller weight says 80lbs on a double stroller. Is that 40lbs per seat per child or 80lbs total so one child could be 50lbs and the 2nd child could be 30lbs? Or does it depend on each manufacturer?

Iíve looked at the Aria Twin (concerns about outside usage & tipping if dd wants to push), Graco, Mac (narrow & I donít like the umbrella handle bars). Iíve looked at both SBS and tandem. I guess I am trying to find a stroller that handles it all but Iíd appreciate any help on the above questions to help me make a final decision.