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07-19-2004, 04:46 AM
Recently my dh and i decided that our daughter's cosco stroller had to go. So we've been looking.I thought that we'd come here to ask advice.WE went to bru and looked at the graco's b/c for the money they're good quality and we don't want to spend a fortune on a stroller. But then we started looking at joggers and i discovered all-terrain strollers,ooohhhhh. The all terrain from target looks like a good deal although i've been looking at mountain buggies. The only thing keping me from running out and buiying something immediatly is the fact that we're thinking about having another baby withing the next year or so. This presents,at least to me, a delima. Do we replace our daughters old stroller with a metrolite or single all-terrain now. Or should we wait until next one is born and just get a double.it almost seems like a waste of money too buy an expensive jogger or all-terrain strolller now and have another baby and just have too go right back outr and buya double then. We also have a umbrella stroller b/c i was so tired of dragging out the cosco and a peg plikomatic that we bought used. I really like the metrolite. but i'm not sure how it would do for walks around our neighborhood.
What i was considering was getting the metrolite now and having that for my single. the peg and umbrella generally wind up in dh's car somehow. When the next baby is born then we can decide if we want a duoglider travel system or a seperate snugride and dubble mountain buggy.Let me know what you think . It all hinges on dh getting the promotion that he want's so i've got some time b4 we hear back.oh-ooopps forgot to mention that dd is 20 months and the 5 point harness on the metrolite has it's appeal.

mom to elaine

07-21-2004, 02:54 PM
Considering that your dd is 20 months(mine too!) and you are not currently pregnant, I'd get a single for now. Have you considered the Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain? You'd kind of get the best of both worlds with it as it has air tires but a swivel front wheel so you could use it for outdoor walks and also indoors at malls and such. And at $140 you haven't spent a fortune on it.

After baby #2 arrives you could consider the MBUD and really invest at that time.