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07-26-2004, 05:06 PM
Hello parents-
I Have an almost 2 year old who is 35 pounds and 36 inches tall
(he looks 3 1/2). And I have a baby due any day now, who is supposedly tall too.

I would like a swivel tire either jogger or urban stroller that will handle a large toddler
and a baby, or 2 toddlers. I would love feedback if you bought any of the strollers below. My 2 year old Bam Bam is very physical and his feet drag on the wheels of our Graco metrolite. Plus we are afraid he will tip it over if he has a toddler tantrum with Grandma.

I am considering thte Mountain Buggy urban double (swivel) but it is $589. at the Right Start - ouch!.

I am considering the Instep TT double (swivel) which is $249

I am considering Phil & Teds E3 Explorer 2 toddler/second seat option (approx $380.)

I also want to know if Kolcraft has a double Jeep Liberty?

Does anyone have a recommendation?

08-10-2004, 09:52 AM
Check out www.joggingstroller.com. I'm also doing the same research, but am due in October and my first will be 19 months old by then and is very stocky. This website has a lot of really good info, descriptions, and reviews. They also have a comparison chart of all strollers they carry, all you mentioned plus more (except for the kolcraft). In place of the Instep, you may want to look at the Schwinn SC900 w/ swivel. From the website, it sounds like Insteps and Schwinns are made by same mfg, but the website prefers the Schwinn. I didn't like the E3, and if you're kids are bigger than average, you'll outgrow the E3 probably before you are ready. The second seat for the younger child only goes to 30 lbs, but website listed above will give you all this info in detail. I'm debating between the Schwinn and MB Urban Double, but the price, ouch. Another drawback to the MB is that it weighs 32 lbs...not sure how easy it will be to lift in and out of minivan for mall trips.

pamela mom of 3
08-11-2004, 12:46 PM
I have the double urban and have for almost 2yrs...it gets used now by my 3.5 & 5.5yo their 33/34lbs and 42lbs...

It's the only double i own, it goes to the mall sometimes too if i feel my 5.5yo isn't having a "good" walking day LOL ;)

I agree with checking out the joggingstroller.com site, they sell only joggers and offer a review option.

It is a heavier double @ 32lbs but the tradeoff of being easy to push on multi surfaces and carry higher weights makes it worthwhile at least for us anyhow.

You may find you'll require the extra tall hood for the MB, but it is available through retailers, i also recommend the bowron sheepskins and the raincover if your from an area that has snow and/or rain :D oh plus the skip hop diaper bag works great with mountain buggy models.

~Pamela Mom Of 3