View Full Version : Stroller options for toddler twins and newborn?

07-27-2004, 06:45 PM
I'm expecting our third child in October, and our twins will turn 2 just a month before then. We currently use a Combi Twin Savvy, which they really like and are good about riding in.

My question is, what should I do when "Kid3" comes along? For the first while, I expect to simply carry her in a sling and use the twin stroller, but eventually that will get tiring. My twins are little (only 20 and 22 lbs each), and still tire easily, so walking isn't a great option yet. I've thought about purchasing 2 buggy boards (since I'm sure the twins will fight over just one) and using the twin stroller, but have heard that the buggy board works better with umbrella style handles, which I don't have on my current stroller.

Any ideas?