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02-12-2005, 01:47 AM
I bought the 2005 Graco Duoglider LXI(tandem) and snugrider car seat. Why? Let me start with why I never wanted to purchase this stroller - The biggest complaint I heard and had about this stroller was when the infant was in the rear full reclining seat of the stroller with the infant car seat you could not get to the basket. This problem I believe has been solved. The basket now drops down for easy access.(I have not used it yet so cannot vouch how well it works)(Also not all 2005 models have this feature called drop and load so beware; it should have a "pull" mechanism at the rear of the basket).

Now that the basket problem was solved I really liked this stroller because:

It accomodates a newborn IN the infant seat and a toddler. I hate to wake a sleeping baby.

My toddler has a place for her sippy cup and snacks. I also have a dedicated area behind the handle to put my junk.

It folds and opens really easy. However, it is heavy, as all tandems are.

The price was unbeatable. I paid $270 with tax at BRU with recent
coupons for stroller, infant seat with base and extra base.

When my newborn no longer fits in the infant seat I intend to buy a SBS - McClaren, PP, Inglesia etc. with the same features except no infant seat will be necessary (no infant seats are designed for SBSs with the features I want). For 6-7 months of use I beleive it will serve its purpose. We shall see.

I will keep you updated. Let me know if you have any questions.