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04-30-2006, 01:39 PM
I know this topic has been visited before, but...I am obsessing over what design to choose. If you have a cedarworks set, what type do you have and how old are your kids? We have finally decided to splurge and I just want to know what you did, thanks so much!

06-10-2006, 03:15 PM
UPDATE well, our set is here and we made some changes at the last minute. I posted it over on the Baby Around the House board but here is the link, in case anyone wants to see. When I started looking for reviews I didn't even know this board was here, so wanted to bridge back, so to speak.


We are about to order so I'd love to add to this and see people's feedback too.

We're going with a climber with sure step and the cw slider, 2 swing ladder and a tower on the other side. We'll add fences to both towers, and in the fall for the sale we'll probably go for a rock wall.

I am really hemming over doing the climber/tower or climber/box tower combo so I'd love to hear from anyone who considered and/or chose either of these.



07-14-2006, 07:01 PM
We have a gazebo at one end (green tent roof, sandbox floor) and a box tower at the other end with a 3-swing ladder in between. We have a huge slide that comes off at 7' (2' above the floor level) they don't show it on their website anymore, but I guess it is close to the "Endless Summer" in length (no wave in the middle though). We have 2 poly swings and a horse swing on the swing ladder. Off of the box tower we have two yardarms one with the triple trapeze the other with the rollicking roundabout.

The monkeybars get the LEAST amount of use right now (not sure if she even knows they are there or usable yet). The next LEAST used item would be the "treehouse" section of the box tower. The horse swing gets the most use and taught her how to "pump" to do the regular swings.

I can answer any questions you might have about anything specific!

Jen in Wichita
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a shorn, short, and sweet 4, Noelle!