View Full Version : I bought the Walk-O-Long and it works great!!!

10-01-2005, 11:02 AM
After a few days of kicking it around I went ahead and bought The Walk-O-Long, because trying to help my son Eric (14 month old) walk for the first time was killing my back. My Husband and I tried it on Eric and he took to it right away and it allowed me to stand straight up at the same time it allowed him to walk around with his hands free. It was so refreshing that I did not have to bend over so my back did not HURT. I'm amazed that Eric was walking all over the house touching and grabbing things for about 40 minutes. To see things happen for the first time though babies Eyes is heart touching. This Walk-O-Long is so very soft and it weights less than a pound. The sales person at the store said to me that it takes over 400 lbs to break it and i could pick him up with it. He also told me how it would prevent you from pulling there arm out of socket becuase of the way it works.
What made me also purchase one is that it is a supportive device and learning tool (NOT A HARNESS OR LEASH). It gave my son self confidence, balance and motor skills to walk for the very first time.

Everyone this is a great learning tool for a child of many ages. On the packaging it showed it being used to teach ice skating, exporing, Helping special needs children and more...
This is a must have in my book...