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05-03-2006, 12:23 PM
Any suggestions for an in-ground pool alarm? Our DSs (2 and 4) spend a considerable amount of time at their godparents' home, where there is a pool. I know the alarm cannnot substitute for supervision, but it would be a comfort to know there was a "backup" just in case. Any and all suggestions are welcome- even if it is just a way to better research what is available.

Thank You-

05-06-2006, 09:07 AM
I researched this for my MIL's house last winter. We haven't purchased it yet, but I found a device called a "Safety Turtle." The concept is that each child in the house gets a little turtle wristband. If it hits the water, an alarm goes off (the alarm is placed in the house). There are multiple wristbands that go with each alarm, so it is good for a family with more than one child. We will be buying it in advance of our visit this summer--there are now 8 grandchildren under the age of 4, so even if every adult is watching the kids, it is still possible for something to happen.


05-15-2006, 01:08 PM
We ended up with the PoolGuard PRGM-2. It is for use in inground pools- sounds an alarm inside and out and works on water displacement. We were able to get it online for MUCH less than our local pool supply retailer. This one was featured on some of the news shows earlier this season.