View Full Version : Birthday Party Fun

03-08-2002, 07:53 PM
I threw a Blue's Clues Birthday Party for my two daughter's this past February. birthdaypartyideas.com was wonderful. It had so many ideas for Blue's Clues Parties, and other sorts as Harry Potty, Elmo's World. It even had a section for adult birthday parties. I went to partyetc.com to purchase the party goods, they were the cheapest that I found online. Then what I couldn't get from them I went to the second cheapest that I found online partysmart.com.
birthdayexpress.com I used only for the pinata. They have a large assortment of things, but they are too over priced. birthdayinabox.com and shingding.com were other two helpful websites. I hope these websites come in handy.