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08-17-2005, 04:46 PM
Hello all,

I know I have plenty of time to plan this shindig but I am at a loss as to what to do for Ryan's third birthday! His first b'day I did a "Our Baby is S'now Baby Anymore" and had a winter theme and a kids entertainer at the party, his second b'day I did at a indoor play place but this time around I'll have a three month old baby and I just can't decide what to do!

I was thinking of a carnival theme and doing some simple games and sand art or maybe a build-a-bear party (but they have no place for food and cake). any and all ideas are welcome but it has to be indoors as Ryan's b'day is in February and it can't be a princess or make-up party as he is a boy....


08-23-2005, 05:57 AM
Well, I don't have the 3 month old, but we are planning on "packing out" (having our furniture shipped back to the states) in early October, so I had to keep dd's birthday fairly easy.

Keep in mind that this is still in the planning stages...

We are having a "camping" themed party (and NO, no one will be sleeping over!). This is based on the fact that dd wants her own tent.

For food we are grilling (hot dog/hamburger/fries) and will do s'mores over the grill. I am going to make a "tent" cake (like those barbie cakes where you use an iverted bowl to bake the cake in.
Because it is a camping theme (and we won't have any dishes) we will use plasticware from the grocery store (i.e. plain ole everyday plastic cups and plates, no "theme"). Because we won't have any furniture we are begging/borrowing/renting picnic tables and chairs.

For decorations we are also going to set-up a tent in the living room (probably just filled with balloons and as a cool hideout). We are going to group all our plants in the living room to give it an outdoor flair. We will have a natures sounds cd playing in the background. We will also be making some vines and leaves from poster board and paper bags (my daughter likes to do crafts and can trace and cut pretty well).

For games/goodies we will have an indoor "nature walk" where campers will search for items throughout the house (plastic snakes, frogs, bugs, etc. that they can keep). Before they go on the nature walk the will be outfitted with a bandanna, flashlight, and compass (from oriental trading company) that they can take home with them. I'm still debating about a camp craft that is suitable for this age, last year we strung beads for a necklace. I'm thinking they might be old enough for "God's Eyes". I'm going to test items out on my daughter over the next month.

For a lot of good ideas for parties check out www.familyfun.com that is where I got most of these!

Jen in Okinawa
Mom to my beautiful daughter,
who is now 3 3/4, Noelle!

09-05-2005, 02:10 PM
Well, I may be in the minority but I am saving "wow!" parties for when he is older. So, we are sticking at home. 1st birthday was a bit overboard- lots and lots of people and lots of good food. For his 2nd birthday we had 2 small family birthday parties.

We had both sides of the family and 2 families come over. There was only one friend there for him. I know him and kknow that he wouldn't care yet if he had a large group of playmates there. I know that he prefers his grandparents and other family. I also wanted to keep it calm and easy. I considered a seperate party with his playmates but didn't. That can wait till he is older.

This year I went for a beach theme for my summer boy. I made invitations on my computer that said "Hot fun in the sun! Join us as we celebrate Alex's 3rd Birthday!"

Decorations were palm tree and dolphin balloons. We also put some fish mini centerpieces around (hung on bushes and in house). We had beach balls around as well as some other little theme appropriate toys (pails, leis...). I had a table set up of pictures of him through the years.

I bought some beachy napkins and did solid plateware.

We set up a sprinkler in the back yard (this awesome Little Tikes sprinkler ball) for him and his friend to run through.

For food I went with chillis (2 kinds), guacamole, chips, salad, tacquitos, and salsas- all homemade. I delegated some of the food to my family.

Now, I put most of my energy into birthday cake. I always make the cakes for people. For this party I considered a train theme or a pool/ beach theme. I figured next year he will really care about what he gets. This year would be my last year to make what I wanted. :) So, we did a pool cake and a pail of sand. Not mine but what I used for guideance (mine turned out pretty well, actually!)
I did this one last year:

Ok, so I know your party is winter but you could do a fun beach party in February to help make them feel warm! It would be different too. :)

I don't know, I guess I think it can just be simple and not really be a theme. You can just play games or do any craft that you think he will like. Heck, you don't have to do anything organized I think. I think for 3 year olds they are just as happy to play- especially with their birthday presents! get something little for the other guests since it sounds like you are planning on other kids.

One thing I read is to have the # of kid guests equal to the age of child (3 year old= 3 friends). I follow that, actually go under. But, base it on your son obviously. Maybe they love having tons of friends around and you do too.

Ok, this is a great site for planning a party. Lots of complete ideas from menus, to decorations to games. Very handy:

Last thing...I have done this every year- I have every guest write a favorite memory of the b-day boy, a wish for him, a prediction for what he will be (or be like) when he grows up, or just things that they enjoy about him at this age (like how he says certain words or does certain things). I think they will be great keepsakes.

Good luck! I know I started thinking about ds' party months ahead of time too. Have fun and don't go too crazy! You'll have lots of years to really do it up- where they will remember it. :) With a new baby no would mind if you kept it lower key. It will always be fun so long as there are people that love him, good cake and a few presents wouldn't hurt. ;)