View Full Version : What can you fill a pinata with, besides candy?

03-20-2006, 02:49 PM
I bought an Elmo pull-string pinata for DD 2nd b-day. We don't do candy, does anyone have any ideas for filling it. I ordered it so it hasn't arrived yet and I do not know what the opening looks like. The last time I saw a pinata I was 12. :-)

I would appreciate any and all suggestions for filling it with fun and healthy goodies that will fit through whatever opening and won't hurt when the pinata opens.

There will be mostly 3 year olds and 2 6yo. Of course DD is 2 years old.

Thank you,

04-03-2006, 12:22 AM
jelly bracelets

sounds like fun!


04-03-2006, 08:03 PM
This is exactly what I do for dd's birthday. I go to a local dollar store and just buy packages of whatever packaged party toys they have (usually kazoos, rings and other play jewelry, little plastic figures, little animal figures). They usually come about 6-8/package and, of course, cost one dollar. I also look in the toy area for things that are not meant to be party favors but that can be split up (like I got a set of plastic jungle type animals that come with a little mat to play with them on, and just put the little animals in the pinata; I also bought some "sidewalk chalk" and put it in there). Its true that you have to be careful not to get things that are too big, but I found that I can go bigger than I thought. It ends up costing more money than candy, but its worth it to me.

mom to a 3 yr old from Guatmala