View Full Version : Mommy/me etc. classes for 6month old in Scottsdale, Arizona?

02-12-2004, 03:04 PM
Help! I just moved here last year was pregnant and now am settleling into life with first baby but am at a loss of where to go for some kind of classes for my 6 month old. I checked out Gymboree and the only problem I have is that the time for the class (12pm)just doesn't seem do-able with his (much worked on) nap time. But I'm not sure where or what else is available and I have been trying to check around but am sorta coming up empty. I just wondered if there were any other people living in the area and knew of other places to try for me as much as for him.
Thanks so much!

02-12-2004, 08:05 PM
The best thing that I have found are friends that have children similar ages, venues like mother's day out through a church or LeLeche if you breastfeed. You will find friends that have similar beliefs for yourself and your child's way of life. Then arrange playgroup times; they won't usually coincide with naps like Gymboree times. Also, order catalogs from early-advantage.com or other resources like Brilliant Bigginings. There are so many things to offer your young child that are mind boggling and wonderful that they even exist, but the better items are not available at stores. Good luck!