View Full Version : Anyone involved with a co-op preschool?

08-01-2004, 02:08 AM
Last year we had a little parent-child toddler class that met weekly for an hour and a half. Colin and I both enjoyed it. Unfortunately, they don't have the same thing for 2 year olds. Instead, I can enroll him in the co-op pre-school's 2 y.o. class. It also meets once a week for an hour and a half. The main difference seems to be that while parents are expected to help in the class on a regular basis, they also have the option of leaving when it's not their turn to help. Also, parents are required to volunteer in the managment of the school on a regular basis.

On paper, the volunteer committments outside of attending class seem like a lot for a one day a week class. What has your experience been? When you're a part of a co-op preschool, does it take a lot of extra time? I guess I would be a little more willing to jump in and commit except for the fact that we've already sort of planned to send Colin to a different pre-school once he hits 3. This would just be a "toddler group alternative" for us for the year.

Any other thoughts about the pros/cons of a co-op?


08-01-2004, 10:54 AM
Good timing! Dante starts tomorrow (or "two-marra" as he says).

Ours is a partially govt-funded co-op. Dante will be going 5 days a week (eek!) from 9-12:30. He will eat breakfast and lunch there, have morning activities (tumbling, music, art, etc), and then come home for nap and the afternoon. We had the option of extending the day until 4pm, but decided he's a little young. There are a total of 13 kids, ranging from 2 yo (Dante's the youngest as he turned 2 today) to 5 yo.

Our responbilities as parents and members include: making a hot lunch for all of the kids once every 2 weeks (every parent switches off M-Th and then every Fri. the teachers cook); leading an activity once a month; attending a parent meeting every 6 weeks; some monthly chore (bringin the laundry-towels-home, developing pictures and the like). We may end having to chip in to keep the place clean, but for right now there is enough money that they can hire a housecleaner.

I looked at some more traditional pre-schools but liked the idea of being involved. I'm a little concerned that the committment will start to grow to a level that doesn't allow me to get my own work done (the reason he's in school in the first place) but we'll have to play that one by ear.

Wish me luck! And good luck to you finding what you're looking for!
Mama to Dante, 8/02