View Full Version : Trying to decide on preschool type, can anyone help with +/-

09-29-2004, 01:36 PM
Wow, I can't believe all of the options that are available. Has anyone done any research on preshool types as far as a mixed age classroom verses age separated? I looked at one in a house, that was amazing. She had two beautiful rooms totally geared for kids, even a playhouse built in with stairs! Nice bright and cheery. The other place I saw was more of a classroom atmosphere. Ok overall, but not as nice. Also a lot cheaper of coarse... SO, I guess what I am wondering is if it really matters about the quality of the preschool as long as it is safe and the teachers are nice? I have a 10 month old and a just 2 year old so I have to pay for both at the same time! Thanks!

09-30-2004, 05:49 AM
We did a lot of research over here last spring. We looked into same age classrooms, Montessori classrooms, and finally Co-ops. The options are amazingly wide and finally it came down, for us, to gut feeling and the personality of our child--not to mention location, price, etc.

We ended up deciding on a Co-op. Dante's school has a kitchen, a small craft room, a play/dance/activity room, and a large multi-use room split into two with a train floor on one side and a set of table and chairs on the other. There is also an outside garden that the kids spend a lot of time in. There are 12 kids, including Dante ranging from ages 2-6 with 2 teachers. The breakdown is 3 kids in the 2 range (all young 2's), 3 kids in the 3 range, 2 kids in the four range, and 4 in the 5 range (with one about to turn 6)

I was a little concerned about the age range but frankly it's been great. Dante has kids his age. But on the flip side he has had lots of interaction with the older kids. The older ones really "take care of" the younger ones when they are hurt or need help. And the teachers work hard to foster that environment. There are a number of times when they are split off for age appropriate activities as well so no one group ends up being pushed too far foreward or held back. I would be sure to check that there will be at least a few kids in your child's age group so h/she is not the only one. If your child is easily intimidated then that might be something to consider. You certainly don't want to push h/her beyond a certain comfort and safety zone.

Hope this helps!