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09-13-2005, 12:40 PM
I am having an issue with a dance schools for my DD. I enrolled my daughter in it last month and have since decided not to let her attend after I found out the owner/instructor had a reputation of being undependable. I guess I should have figured that out after she was late for my appointment to register. I also believe she is a liar b/c she claimed registration would have to be asap and she would "squeeze" me in for a time to register, yet when I got there, she wasn't even open yet and was able to spend 20 mins with me. I have also caught her in another lie that involved her calling me back that is too complicated to explain here.
Anyway, I called several weeks in advance of the class starting to cancel my regiatration and was told she had a no refund policy. This policy seems suspicious. Also, when I called to ask for a refund she had picked up my call AFTER her answering machine already picked up, then after finding out I wanted a refund, told me that she was currently with customers and couldn't talk. If she was with customers, why would she pick up the phone at all? She said she'd call me back, and of course, has not.
Has anyone had any experience with dance schools and cancellations? What would you do?


09-14-2005, 05:08 AM
if she was really with customers and you started to leave a message about a refund, she probably picked up b/c she didn't want a potential customer know that another student wanted to cancel. I wonder if she is having financial difficulities and that is why she wanted the registration asap, b/c she needed the money asap. I would check the paperwork you received at registration for a refund policy and maybe leave another message for her about the Better Business Bureau or maybe mention the Chamber of Commerce. That might put some fire under her to at least give you a partial refund. I know the school my dd goes to gives a 75% refund before the semester starts, 50% after the first class is attended, 25% after the second and 0 after the third. Good luck..