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04-18-2005, 06:09 PM
We just got back from our first trip to WDW. :)
We stayed at the Polynesian, which was a great choice, since we regularly returned to our room for rest. DD didn't do as well in the heat as I thought she would. DD LOVED the monorail and kept telling me she wanted to ride the "choo-choo". I think she would've liked the trip if all we had done was ride the monorail. LOL.
We took the Zippy, I think we have a 2002 or 2003 model -- the one with the rain cover zipped in the hood. I absolutely loved that stroller for the buses and can't imagine taking a larger stroller than that. Although it still had a plush enough seat and recline. The only thing that bugged me through the trip was that you have to lock the front wheels straight in order for the stroller to stand on its own when folded. But otherwise was wonderful. Actually fit next to me standing between the seat in from of me and my seat.
Of course I got to stroller watch while there... saw lots of Macs and Pegs, but got to see a Zapp IRL, which didn't help me with my stroller envy. LOL.
She loved Dumbo, Pooh, Peter Pan, Philharmagic, Muppet Vision 3D, Talk With Crush, and Fantasmic. She did not enjoy Haunted Mansion -- she was petrified.
Be careful of trying to do too much -- I tried to follow a plan out of Unofficial Guide to WDW, but even the plans for small children crouded tooo muchinto one day. Take it slow, pick a few things from each park that you think your child would like and just do those. Slow down and enjoy!

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