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12-28-2005, 02:19 AM
So we've been big Disney fanatics over the years and I thought I'd share the one thing that's made our visits to both U.S. parks great. We love the "Unofficial Guide" series and have recommended or bought it for everyone we know going Disney. It really helps figure out what works for kids of various ages and what you can skip. Even uses park data to suggest the best dates to attend. But the best part by far are the park tour guide lists - essentially you pick how many days you'll be there and the age range of your kids and then rip out and take the matching tour guide. The plan lists everything you should see in an order that minimizes your time waiting in line. And for us it saves even more time that we'd waste deciding after each ride what next to see. The one time in the last 15 years we didn't use the guides was when my sister-in-law went with us and didn't want to. What a mistake! We hardly went on any rides and spent too much time waiting in line and dithering over where to go next.

I also like other recommendations the author makes for families with small kids. The top ones? Take your time and don't rush the parks. Go back to the hotel in the middle of the day for a rest and a swim and to eat. This was fantastic the last time we went (we ignored it to our peril the time before). And get to the park right when they open and load up on the fast track passes.

Have a great time! We love Disney when we take it at a reasonable pace, don't try to see everything in a day, and pay attention to when the people we're there with need time to rest and have a break from all things Disney. Oh and it doesn't hurt to try and just put how much everything costs out of my head :-).


12-30-2005, 10:47 AM
We used the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World the first time we went and it was the best thing we could have done. We knew what to expect, had a plan, and were able to get the most out of time there because of it. I think it was the best $15 we could have ever spent on that trip.

Since then we have also used the Passporter, which is a great planning book too (has ride itineraries as well). I could never understand people who go to WDW (especially if it's only their first or second time) without any type of plan. It's such a big place you really do reap big benefits from planning ahead, IMO.


ds-4/21/03 (I'm spoiled - I've been to WDW 4x and DL 2x now, and I'm not even three yet!)