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04-13-2006, 08:39 AM
I know the summers are supposed to be very crowded.

does anyone know if there are any weekends in april or may that are ok, or would it be misery to try a quick 3 day trip anytime soon ?


04-14-2006, 08:51 PM
If you check the new copy of the Unofficial Guide, it should give you crowded-rates for the entire year. I only have last year's guide, and the dates will vary based on holidays, school vacation schedules, etc. We went the second week of May in 2005, and I thought it was great. (With our 2.5yo and 11mo). Busy, but not crowded in my opinion. And it was nice and warm (well, we live in GA 3.5 hours away, so we were used to that), but not too beastly hot. That said, I have heard awesome things about September and early October. I've never been at that time however.

Here is what the calendar said for 2005. 1 being least crowded and 10 being most crowded.

April/May - Almost all 4's, except for one weekend that was 5 (most have been a holiday of some sort, April 22-24), then it drops down to three through May up until Memorial Day (8's).

June - 5/6 slowing ramping up to 8's for the rest of the month.

July - 8's all month

August - Starts off at 8's, and week by week slowly tapers down to 4's by the last weekend of August.

September - 5's for Labor Day weekend, 4's for the week following, and then drops to 2's for most of the rest of the month. Except for the week of September 22, 2005 to Sept 28, which were 8's! Something must have been going on that week.

October - Mostly 2's, with some 3's and 4's scattered in.

So, this was for 2005, but will give you an idea. Run over to Borders and look at the new 2006 version!

Have fun planning!!!

Kent & Jack

04-16-2006, 02:35 PM
The following is from http://www.allearsnet.com/pl/attend.htm

Historic Attendance Levels

Even Walt Disney World has some quiet times. OK, maybe not quiet, but less crowded! Think about this: if your kids are on vacation, chances are so are everyone else's! And when it's vacation time, WDW is a crowded place!
I remember in the early 1990s being able to walk into Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning in late January and not see anyone. While those days are long gone, there definitely are better times to go and times to avoid when it comes to crowds.

Special events and promotions can influence theme park attendance so find out if anything special is going on during your visit.

United States Holidays that may affect crowd levels can be found by clicking here!

Disney states:

The Lowest Attendance --

January (except New Year's Day) until just prior to Presidents' Week in February
The week following Labor Day until the week prior to Thanksgiving
The week following Thanksgiving until mid-December

More Moderate Attendance:
After Presidents' week in February through early March
Late April through early June (except Memorial Day weekend)
Columbus Day Weekend (October)
The first part of Thanksgiving week

Highest Attendance:
Presidents' week in February
Mid March through Late April ("Spring Break")
Memorial Day weekend
Mid June through Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and weekend
Christmas week through New Year's Day

A recent inquiry of Disney regarding which days to visit which parks had the following response:

"During regular attendance periods, our parks tend to be the busiest on the following days:

Magic Kingdom: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
Epcot: Tuesday and Friday
Disney-MGM Studios: Sunday and Wednesday
Disney's Animal Kingdom: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday"