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07-23-2007, 09:03 PM
DH and I are taking DD to Disney in October. Well, more accurately, DH and I wanted a vacation and Disney seemed the most baby friendly of anything we could find. Anyway, for those that have done it with a baby, what was your baby's favorite things? Any advice? We've been there before, so seeing/doing everything is not a priority. We purchased the Disney dining--any restaurants particularly infant friendly? Were highchairs readily available?

For anyone that has been there recently--we are staying at the All Stars and using Disney transportation. Is there a reason we would need a car seat? DD won't fit in the bucket any more and my boulevard is so heavy I don't really want to schlep it if we don't need to. Disney.com would not allow me to book her own seat, so it would have to be checked for the flight anyway.

For those that have done it, did you just take jarred baby food with you? Will the parks let you take it in? I'm not sure what foods she'll be eating then, as we just started solids this week.

Any advice would be great!


07-23-2007, 09:23 PM
We went w/ds was 13mos, although since he was a preemie he was developmentally more like a 10mos old. At that time he was starting to cruise so not totally mobile yet. We did anything that didn't have a height requirement. I would warn about the 3/4-D movies like Mickey's Philharmagic though. DS didn't like the intensity of these shows at that age. Of course he couldn't appreciate it at all since there was no way to expect him to keep the special 3-D glasses on. I think the loudness of the show and the wind effects bothered him the most. If you try these shows, try to get seated on the opposite side of the theater from where you enter so you can make a quick exit if needed.

Pretty much everything else he took in and enjoyed and he slept a lot, too...so bring a good stroller. Our ds slept really well in the stoller. I brought along a Kiddopotamus Baby Shade which worked well to shade ds when he was sleeping. The RayShade is also highly recommended by some folks on the disboards as well if your existing stroller canopy is inadequate. http://www.kiddopotamus.com/p_ray.php


07-24-2007, 05:53 AM
I took DD at 9 weeks and then again at 14 months, stayed off-site at our timeshare. If you have you heart set on any specific restaurant I would call and make reservations ASAP.

I used the Gerber food in the plastic packs, much easier to carry around and pack, also Earths Best cereal packets and Graduates snacks. Disney will let you bring in food or drinks into the parks. If you need a place to warm up food or bottles or breastfeed, there is a baby center in every park. They have nursing rooms, changing rooms, kitchens with microwaves and highchairs.

Since I stay off-site I always bring a carseat, even if DD doesn't have a seat on the plane I bring it just incase the plane isn't sold out and I can get her a free seat. I don't bring my Marathon, I got the Cosco Scenera for $40. I have flown with it on 6 trips now so I definitely got my money's worth. Plus it makes a great emergency seat for home!

The great thing is you can do baby-swap in the parks. If you and DH want to do a ride, just tell the person you want to do baby swap and they will let one of you on the ride, then let the other go on immediately when the 1st is finished.

My DD LOVED the Tikki Brid Room in Adventureland, even at 9 weeks was staring at all the brids. She did fine in Philharnagic, but I wouldn't take her in the 3-D movie in Epcot, Honey I Shrunk the Aduience.

07-24-2007, 03:18 PM
Awesome! Thanks for the advice. We are bringing our P3. I just bought a bag so that when we gate check it, it won't get dirty. It has a pretty substantial sun canopy, so I think we're ok on that front. I also bought an Ergo for on the bus and for when she's sick of the stroller-my good friend's daughter still fits in it forward facing at 11 months, so I'm sure she'll fit.

I need to call Disney because they just cancelled our flight home and put us on one that gets home at 12:35 am. Ummm...no. I paid extra to have the one that got home at 8:30. My BIL works for Disney reservations and said that if you call and complain, they will change your airfare for free if you are adamant that it is unacceptable.

As for the PNP, we're bringing our own sheets/mattress pads, but so far when we have travelled to MIL, she did better in bed with us than in the PNP--after the 9th time she woke up, I'd had enough rocking and gave in. At home, she sleeps in a crib.

08-10-2007, 03:27 PM
The first time my DD went was at 9 months and she loved it! She was so amazed at everything...the colors, the movement, the sounds. It was so worth taking her and I would think at any age it would be stimulating for an infant. The baby-care bldgs are great so be sure to take advantage of them, and sounds like you'll be fine stroller-wise with the P3. Bringing a carrier is an excellent idea also...we had a Baby Bjorn and it was a lifesaver for when we were waiting on lines. We never had a problem bringing any food or drinks into the parks either. We did character meals with her and got the most amazing photos...the look on her face having those characters so close to her was priceless! I agree about the 3D shows though. Other than that, she loved all the rides.