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09-15-2007, 04:33 PM
DH just told me he has to go to a conference in Orlando in November. He'd like me to come with and bring the baby. I've heard November is one of the best times to do Disney, so I'm thinking about trying to work out taking Alex as well. I've always thought we'd do Disney when Zach was at least five (no naps, old enough to walk the whole thing). This seems, however, like a good opportunity to test the waters. I think if we do this, we'd only do one "Disney" day, probably Magic Kingdom based on what I've heard. We are not people who need to see the whole park and I would research and map out rides DS can do and ones I could take the baby on. We tend to get to these things early and run to all the things we like before lines get crazy long. Have I lost my mind completely? For a one day trip should we just do Sea World (which I think DS1 would love). Suggestions? Thoughts?
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09-15-2007, 06:38 PM
Heck, I think 2 yr olds are free. Our kids turned 3 the week before we went.

We did 2 days with our just-turned 3 yr old twins and 5 yr old last spring. It was great. Really, with kids that age, you'll have a great time in 1 day. It isn't like they can ride all the rides. Basically, you'll do their rides in the morning for a couple hours and maybe a character lunch, then they will crash.

You'll spend 90% of your time in Fantasyland in MK... Most little ones will have a great time from opening until about 1 when they collapse... we were staying on-site so we left at that point and went back to our hotel and took naps. One day we returned for dinner/parade, the other we just stayed at the hotel. Honestly, even the half-day was worth it and I felt like we had a great time.

If you hope to come again in a couple of years, it will be a great scouting trip so your more extended trip can be REALLY great. At 2-3, they won't remember it in 5 yrs, but they will have a great time and YOU will remember. It is all so REAL for them. I was shocked by how many rides my 3 yr olds wanted to try- they were much braver than I expected.

For a 2-3 yr old, I'd schedule some kind of Character meal the evening before you go to MK... it is a great way to expose them to the characters in a controlled setting so it isn't as crazy the next day. The characters were my toddlers' favorite part. Chef Mickeys is great or do lunch with Pooh at the Crystal Palace in MK. Both are super toddler-friendly and he will know all the characters.

If you get there at opening, lines shouldn't be too bad. We were on the tail end of Spring Break and the crowds weren't terrible until 12-1 or so which was when the little ones were fading anyway. By then, we'd ridden all the baby rides and could use fast-passes if we wanted to do anything grown up... If you aren't going during a school break, no problem.

By the way, a 5 yr old can't necessarily walk the whole thing and not take a nap/break, at least not without mid-day misery for all involved. My son is TOUGH and he was falling apart about an hour after the 3 yr olds. Because of the twin thing, he can't ride in a stroller. He was a trooper, but it was tough. The second day he went on foot all day without a break.

Have a great time!


09-15-2007, 06:57 PM
We did Disneyland in one day just last month. It was a long but fun day! Stay close by so you can retreat to your room if necessary for heat sake or something else. We finally got into the park about 30 minutes after the park opened and we still got on a ton of rides before lines got long.

I would go! It will be fun!


09-16-2007, 06:33 PM
Lots of people take babies and toddlers to WDW so you won't be alone. Your 4yr old will love it too, at least my ds does, but he's been 8x since 13mos already so he's "indoctrinated" LOL. I agree w/the pp that most 5yr olds can't do WDW on foot w/out misery involved but you could certainly plan on parking the stroller in one of the "lands" and walking around that area and then only using it for getting from one side of the park to the other. A sling or carrier for the baby might be the way to go if you only have a single stroller so you ODS could ride in it while the baby is being carried. Just a thought. :-)

Your strategy for arriving early is a good one. I think you may be surprised. There's a lot you can do with a baby. IMO the attractions everyone can enjoy out-number the rides with height restrictions, especially at Magic Kingdom (also the park I would visit if I were only going to do one day). That is just my observation though.

The parks all have a Baby Care Center with changing tables, high chairs, nursing rooms w/rocking chairs (if you desire a quite atmosphere this is the place to go), and all but MGM includes a small room w/tv playing cartoons quietly and a few toys for the older kids. They also carry an asortment of necessities in case you forget diapers, wipes, pacifier, baby food, many kinds of meds. The centers are "hosted" by Carnation so they also carry thier formula. Not something to rely on but nice it's there to fall back on in case you forgot to bring something important.


09-16-2007, 09:35 PM
We just got back from a week with a 3 1/2 year old and 3 month old. Loved it. If you know it's only one day and still follow the clues it could be a lot of fun. Definitely do Magic Kingdom. It is more about the "experience" than the thrill rides. If you wanted thrills go to an amusement park. You only need to be 40 inches for lots of the bigger rides. I think the only thing our 3 year old couldn't do was Space Mountain. We chose not to take him to a couple of shows and boat rides because the theme was tense and he's easily scared by those kind of things. We took a sit-n-stand stroller which was great for ease with him jumping on and off and still not as huge as a double stroller. With an infant renting their stroller wasn't really an option. I wore the 3 month old in a sling a ton. If there is not a minimum height than I could take him on (Small World, Buzz, Peter Pan, Pooh, Dumbo, train, etc.). Plus all the shows --- you'll have a ton of fun. We used the fass pass system for the bigger rides (Splash Mountain and Train Coaster (not sure on real name)). Our son thinks he can ride everything twice - ask for a baby swap pass (they'll need to see the baby not riding) and you get a special ticket in addition to the fast pass. Our son would ride once with each of us while we swapped off the baby. I am EBF and was able to find somewhat quiet corners to feed without any issues all week.

09-17-2007, 07:15 AM
My friend just did this with her 20 month old and had a great time for one day at Magic Kingdom, she also did a day at Sea World.

She booked a character meal at Crystal Palace before the park opened, you can walk around Main Street with no crowds and get breakfast out of the way. Then she did everything her DD would be interested in.

When in November are you going? If it is Thanksgiving the lines are nuts. Anything else you should be fine!!

09-17-2007, 11:09 AM
Zach has never nursed independantly (w/o an SNS) and I am pumping for him. I'd be thrilled if he somehow made the switch to nursing by then, but rather than make myself crazy about it, I've accepted it and make plans accordingly. I know there are baby stations w/nursing rooms. I'm assuming there are outlets and I could pump there as well?
BTW, DH has no idea I am plotting to turn this into a Disney vaca. I think he is thinking a semi-romantic get away. Poor man.
Thanks for the heads up on how tired the 4.5 y/o may get. We'll have the stroller so I'll bring a sling for Zach in case Alex needs to take a break.
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09-18-2007, 05:15 AM
I remember someone using a pump in Magic Kingdom's nursing room. The room is very large so I am sure there is more than 1 outlet.

Epcot's room is also very large, don't know if any outlets but I would guess there is since there is probably a great demand for it. MGM's nursing room is practically a closet so not sure about that. Never went into Animal Kingdom's baby center.

09-18-2007, 08:12 AM
Ditto the PP. The MK and Epcot rooms are very large and MGM, not so much. I have never used AK, but I am sure they could accommodate you.