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11-14-2007, 04:49 PM
Ok this isn't Disney but I wanted advice from those who have been to Disney. We're going in January and I'm trying to decide how many days to buy on our park hopper passes. We thought we would go to Universal one day but after looking thru the unofficial guide I really don't think DD would have much fun there. She'll be almost 4 but I know she wouldnt like most of the rides at Universal even if she was tall enough. Do most people go to Universal when their kids are older? DH and I don't really want to do the trade off thing so we can ride because I know DD wouldnt like standing in line for nothing. We're going for a week, planning 2 days at MK, 1 MGM, 1 AK, this would leave 2 days open, we planned to go to Downtown Disney one afternoon. Should we just leave the other day open, but still buy a pass for that day in case we decide to go to a park?

11-14-2007, 08:15 PM
If it were me, I would want to have as much flexibility as possible.

But you could use that extra day to explore your hotel, hang out at the pool, and explore some of the Disney resorts. They are fun to see and explore on their own!

We have been to Orlando at least 10 times and never been to Universal. I think once Sarah gets to be 8 or so, then she will really enjoy it.

11-14-2007, 09:02 PM
I would check out the cost for adding the extra days. I think it comes to only about $10 a day (or less) per person to add extra days after you buy 3 days. You may want to go back, even if it's just to see a few things. You could always swim/minigolf/Down Town Disney during the day and then park later.

But if I were going off-site I'd look into Sea World. I think my boys would LOVE it. We are going to Disney in 3 weeks -doing Disney Parks only. We'll save Sea World/Universal for another time. We are only going for 6 nights and I know we'll barely be able to do all the Disney stuff we want to do.

Have fun!

11-14-2007, 09:17 PM
Thanks for the replies I think we'll skip Universal, maybe try it when DD is older. I hate to pay for the tickets and then feel like it's a waste of money and time we could have spent at Disney.

I meant to ask in the original post but I forgot. What all is there to do at Downtown Disney? Several people have told us we should check it out when we go. Which restaurants are good? Is it better to buy all souvenirs at the big store there rather than buying stuff at the parks? Do they have all the same stuff as the park stores?

11-14-2007, 09:38 PM
I would skip Universal at her age. You can always add a day to your Disney pass at any point and only pay the difference in price between a 4 day and a 5 day pass.

Are you sure you want to skip Epcot? It has a lot to offer, and is one of my 5yo's favorite parks.

Downtown Disney has shopping and food, and some limited entertainment. For food, we like Earl of Sandwich (which is also pretty reasonably priced for Disney food. www.allearsnet.com has all the menus for the restaurants, including Downtown Disney.

11-20-2007, 01:36 PM
Second on the Epcot. DD is 4 and it is second only to MK. She loves the Kidcots. these are little stations set up in the "lands." In the World Showcase, you get a paper mask. At each country, they attach a paper symbol, stamp the wooden handle and you can color with Sharpies. This is the draw for DD. She never gets to color with Sharpies at home and Mickey doesn't mind if you get a litte on his table the way mom does. Some countries will also write her name in their language.

In the other part of the park, you get a paper badge on a lanyard. Different spots attach different paper symbols and you can color. She likes these, but for some reason, they don't have Sharpies. So, she prefers World Showcase.

One visit we were in "United Kingdom" and she is busy with her coloring. Tigger & Pooh appear. No other kids are around. The handlers keep trying to get her to visit with the characters. She very politely told them that she was busy with her coloring, but she would see Tigger and Pooh when she was done. Good thing grandma works for the mouse, or I would have been right bit at paying for a ticket so my kid could color all day.