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06-07-2004, 02:24 PM
We went last Friday and had a great time! Alia was terrified of the characters (and I mean *terrified*) but otherwise had a great time.

We arrived way too early - the online form said to be at the front gates by 9:15 for "breakfast reservations". Don't listen to them - I would buy the tickets and breakfast tickets online and just show up at 9am. We were able to get the preferred parking (right next to the gate) and there weren't that many people there. Telly was just inside the gates waving to the kids before the gates opened, which helped pass the time!

We walked over to where they were having the breakfast and many characters were there to "sign" books and do pictures. Most of the kids were running right up to the characters for hugs and pics, but not Alia! She was very interested in them, but from a distance :-)

Breakfast was muffins, mini-bagels, fresh fruit, cereal, eggs, french toast strips, bacon and alphabet hash browns. Plus milk, tea, OJ and coffee. No water :-( But, not bad for $12.95 per person.

We went from there to the rides. Alia didn't sit in the stroller all day - it essentially carried our stuff around. She was allowed to go on many of the rides (due to height restrictions etc some she couldn't go on) and had a blast! She wasn't afraid of the height of the slide, nor the balloon ride, but she couldn't see out. Some of the rides have high sides and the kids are required to be seated on their own...so she really couldn't see. There were a lot of water rides, which we didn't do since it wasn't as warm as I would have liked. I think there were maybe 5 she could have gone on.

We went to the Live Elmo's World and the Beach Party shows. Alia really enjoyed Elmo's World - they kept to all of the elements you normally see on that show, and used older kids to "help out" by dancing. The Beach Party one was good too.

I really think the park is better for older kids. While there were rides for young kids, most of it is geared for the 4-5+ set. We purchased the Elmo's Passport tickets, which are good for 1 more day at the park. We'll most likely go in August and get some of the water rides in.

Changes for next time - wear normal clothes (not bathing suits underneath!) and do the preferred parking. We'll bring sandwiches, drinks and leave them in the car for lunch. Only one of the restaurants was open for lunch (I guess it's still early in the season) and my Dad and I waited online for over an hour to get lunches. The food wasn't terribly good for lunch...salty ceasar salad, beef hotdog with fries, 2 chicken fingers with fries, pizza and fries etc. I would rather pay for the breakfast and get there early for the preferred parking and eat in the car for lunch (no hardsided coolers allowed within the park). Then, after lunch I would change and do the water rides - the sun should be warmer then too. I also wouldn't bring the stroller - we never used it! Oh, the desserts were good though :-) Elmo cupcakes, good chocolate cookies, fresh strawberries (with or without whipped cream) and cheesecake. Buy dessert but bring the main meal!

All in all a good time. I'll see if I can post the pics somewhere and edit this email. The parade was good too - we were able to hang out and see it while eating.

I can't help with places to stay - my folks moved near Allentown, so we stayed there and drove down/back. It was less than an hour and a half from Allentown - very easy drive.

Michelle - Mom to Alia born 5/16/02

06-07-2004, 06:37 PM
Wow, thanks for the update. Just to confirm, you suggest leaving the stroller home? I know you didn't do the water part yet, but do they have lockers and stuff to change?

06-08-2004, 09:56 AM
We would leave the stroller home next time. Alia just didn't sit in it. Even going from ride to ride she just wanted to walk. While on line she hung out with us (there weren't many lines). You could always leave it in the car, or bring it and put it in the car later if you find you aren't using it. We honestly used it to carry the towels and sippy cups :-) They do have little cubbies to put shoes/towels (not secured). We went with my folks, who wouldn't do the water stuff anyway, so most likely they would have just watched our bag.

Michelle - Mom to Alia born 5/16/02

06-13-2004, 10:01 PM
DH and I are planning on taking our vacation this fall.
Where is this place you to Alia?
Elmo is the only thing he'll watch on T.V. and I think he would love this.

I looked this place up online and we are going. It sounds like a really fund place for Cooper.

So glad I saw your post.

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