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02-18-2005, 02:30 PM
DH and I are planning on taking a driving trip to Ocean City, NJ this summer with our toddler, 13 YO, and one of her friends. Any suggestions on places to stay? Looking for something that is very nice and clean, as I have lots of allergies. Although money is always a factor, of course, I am pretending it's not...at least for now because my search has turned up LOTS of places and I need to narrow it down.


02-20-2005, 10:54 PM
The Port O' Call is a nice hotel right on the boardwalk with a pool and onsite restaurant. There are a ton of basic motels and older B&B's as well but not sure if they would agree with your allergies?
There are also several lovely B&B's that have been restored.

Let me talk to my parents. They live there and have been in several of the newer B&B's to tour (retired with lots of time on their hands)! The only rec I can give you personally is the Port O'Call. I have stayed there a few times in the winter to visit friends and found it always to be clean and nice. It's like a nice Marriott and if you get an ocean view room, you'll be very pleased! But since my parents moved there, I don't have need to stay anywhere else. There are also a ton of new houses to rent. They have practically torn down half the island and built new houses so that's always an option - although expensive I'm sure. OC is not cheap in the summer but it's a great town for a visit!

02-23-2005, 02:40 PM

Thank you so much for your thorough response. Sorry for the delay -- a glitch in my life put this search on hold for a few days. And I don't necessarily think I have the time to do that, since it seems ocean city fills up quickly.

The Port O' Call sounds good by looking at the website -- looks like the location & amenities are great. The price seems high, so I assume that it matches the level of the quality & services. And tripadvisor.com users give it high marks. However, it seems like the hotel took the pics in the 1970s!...lol. Knowing that websites weren't available then, I'm assuming that it might just be the way things are in Ocean City.

I'd be very interested in what else your parents offer (please pass along my gratitude!). In the meantime, I will keep Port O'Call at the top of my list.

Thanks again!

03-10-2005, 10:02 AM
Hi Michele,
So sorry for the delay. My parents were in Florida for a few weeks.
I told them about your dc ages and they seem to think that you'd be best at the Port O'Call this first year. With the girls being teens, everything they need is right there at the boardwalk and beach so you wouldn't have to worry about them walking around. OC is incredibly safe but when it's not familiar, it's best to just be at the boardwalk level.
Also, you will likely be lugging a few things to the beach for the baby so the hotel is super convenient. Once you park the car, you most likely won't be moving it. Parking is terrible in the height of summer so you'd be wasting a ton of time just driving around looking for a parking spot.
Another good option for you would be to rent a house. Prudential Reality is a good source for that. The rental rates are high but everything is in OC in the summer.

My parents are reluctant to recommend any B&B's without you seeing them first. Each one caters to different needs. Also, most of them are in very old very large buildings and you would likely have several steps to climb to reach your rooms. Also, if you were to stay in a B&B a few blocks back form the beach, you will have to lug everything there and either lug it back up to your room, put it back in your car, or see what limited storage area the B&B has for stuff. Some have large yards for this stuff but without really checking into them, it's hard to tell.

They are a ton of Motels in OC but they are just that - motel rooms. They aren't dumpy but definitely not as nice as the Port. If you want some motel recs, I can definitely get you those.

The picture may be old. I haven't surfed in a long time but I can assure you, the town is great and the Port is not dated at all. Some of the older rooming houses, B&Bs, and motels are but the Port is nice!

Also, let me know what else you need. I can point you to a ton of stuff - best pizza, best coffee, breakfast, etc...

03-12-2005, 09:18 AM
We stay in Ocean Beach/ Seacrest ( a section of Lavalette) each year. We rent a house right on the ocean so it's very convient with babies and has a great view. HOWEVER, this year we have been told by the rental agency that there is a new law in NJ whch requires 4 foot high sand fences, to preserve the dunes. This will really limit the view and ability to walk directly down to the ocean. Would you mind asking your parents if it is the same in Ocean Beach, NJ? If not, maybe it is time for a change! TIA Mary

03-12-2005, 09:25 AM
Jeanne ~ what a gem you are! I so much appreciate all the work you've done for me, and continue to offer. Wow! And I'm impressed, too, since you have your hands full with 2 little ones!

After continuing to search we found ourselves returning to Port O Call, and with the additional info you've provided, it seems like a very wise choice. Thanks for all of the worthy info. Looks like we won't be going until August (June was the original intention, but snow days from school means school is getting out late & we can't go in July), so I'll try to remember to post back after the trip.

Thanks again!

04-03-2005, 10:03 PM
Hi Mary,
Ocean City, NJ has had 4ft+ dunes for years now as its part of a perpetually ongoing battle to replenish the beaches. Ocean City has been hard hit over the years and has lost its beaches too many times to count. Therefore, the island has dunes all along its beach line. There are a few houses that still have visibility but for the most part, if they are not built on 6 foot stilts, they can only see dune from the first floor.

I am not familiar with Seacrest so I don't know if they have been waging an aggressive dredging campaign. But I would assume that you're best bet is to check with the realtor and ask if there is still an ocean view from the first floor. Can you rent a second floor unit? More than half of the beach front properties in OC are two unit rentals.