View Full Version : would you take a toddler to a Hawaiian Luau?

04-27-2005, 10:47 PM
We're going to Maui with DS next month for a wedding. DH is the best man, and the couple is making reservations for a luau. The tickets are over $100 (I would imagine DS is free at 19mo!). But I'm just not sure it's worth it. Has anyone been? Would he have to sit still for a long time? He's pretty easy going but loves to explore. There's no one we know who could babysit, and I don't think we'd feel comfortable with an unknown sitter. Any votes yea or nea?

05-22-2005, 10:32 PM
We went (pre-DS) to a luau on Maui - The Feast at Lele? - that was about that much. It was fantastic and I'm really glad we went, but I'm not all that sure I would want to go with a toddler. It was a long evening (2-3 hours); we enjoyed that it was long at the time (who wants to be rushed out at that price?) but I can't imagine DS sitting for it. They would do act, food act, food etc. each food was related to the area the act was from. It was gorgeous, sunset over the beach, and I think with DS one of us would have spent most of the time really enjoying the beach, not the luau.

I would see if you could get the name of the luau ahead of time and give them a call. They might be able to tell you better how casual things are, if your son would be able to walk around. The one we went to, a toddler would have been able to walk a little bit, and it probably would have been workable, but I think I would be annoyed ta having spent $100 to not see the luau.


08-09-2005, 01:07 AM
I have gone twice this past year. The first time I took the kids: ages 9, 4 and 18mos (at that time) I suggest that you attend the Old Lahaina Luau www.oldlahainaluau.com if you plan to take your ds with you. I took mine and it was wonderful. There were plenty of kids in attendance. There is traditional (on the ground on mats) seating and regular seating (at a table) You'd probably want to go with the table with the baby, though. You'd be sharing a table with other people not in your party. The tables seat around 8 each. The site of this luau is very large and you could bring your stroller while you are looking at displays and watching the imu/omu presentation (unveiling of the pig) and park it away from the tables during dinner.

When dh and I went alone recently, we attended The Feast at Lele. It was more intimate and more for adults, imo. I didn't really see many small children there and I personally wouldn't take my kids to this luau. You will have a private table here but the food is not kid friendly and I think they'd bore easier here.

Another less expensive option is the Marriot Luau. It's okay, but I'd rather spend a little extra and have better entertainment and food at the Old Lahaina Luau. Seathing here is shared with other people in long tables of probably 25 people.

08-30-2005, 01:04 AM
I was just going to post an almost identical post as Priscilla's! (Except that we took our dd to the Luau at the Hyatt in Kaanapali when she was 8 months and the Old Lahaina Luau when she was 18 months and we left her with our nanny and went to Feast at Lele last October when she was 26 months). Feast at Lele was by far my fav Luau, but Old Lahaina is perfect for families with small kids. The Old Lahaina Luau is very traditional. There is lots of activity and noise to keep the little ones attention. We brought our stroller and dd actually fell asleep after we ate. She sleeps well with lots of noise. Good luck and have fun!