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07-16-2007, 05:40 AM
We are going to Chicago for a long weekend end of Aug and looking for some advice. DH worked there for a year and I have been twice, but that was 2001 and we didn't have DD! Will be there Fri, Sat and will fly home late Sunday. So far the only thing planned is the Red Sox vs White Sox game on Sat.

1) We are staying in the downtown Marriott, but can change to the Schamburg Marriott for 1/2 the Marriott points and get a free car from Hertz. Is this near any public transportation (walking or driving to one with public parking)? What is up with nearby Woodfield Mall?

2) Where should we eat? Looking for cheap and good! Looking for good pizza joints, bbq, anything! In Boston we have a website called Phantom Gourmet to search restaurants, anything like this for Chicago?

3) What else to do with a 21 month old? Was thinking aquarium, getting a bitty-baby at American Girl.

4)How is the Land of Nod outlet store?


07-19-2007, 09:36 AM
In terms of the hotel, my inclination would be to stay downtown. There is most likely a train station near the Marriot in Schaumburg (either the Palatine or Shaumburg station), but my guess is that it doesn't run to frequently on the weekends. I know that the commuter rail near me only runs every other hour on the weekends, and you certainly wouldn't want to plan your trip around the Metra schedule.

The aquarium is great, your daughter will love it. There is also the Chicago Children's Museum, which is really geared for preschool on up, but still has good things for toddlers. Also, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a great place to visit- it's not too big or overwhelming.

I haven't heard anything great about the LON outlet store.


07-19-2007, 10:23 AM
If you stay in Schaumburg, you'll be surrounded by all the chains - stores, restuarants, you name it. Plenty to choose from, but nothing really uniquely Chicago. You could drive to the Cumberland El stop and take the El into the city (gives you tons of flexibility with your time) but if you are coming to see the city, I'd stay in the city not in Schaumburg.

The aquarium is overrated. It will cost you well over $50 to get in, and on the weekend you'll have to stand in line a loooong time to get in (unless you get there right when it opens). If you drive, it's another $15 for parking. And it's just not that amazing. Instead, try Lincoln Park Zoo (free) though note it will also be busy on the weekend and parking may be scarce, but you can take a bus there from your hotel in Chicago. Also up there is the Peggy Notebart nature museum - not free, though.

Go play at the beach and if the red flag isn't up, splash in the water. Play in the fountain at Navy Pier. Take a Wendella boat ride on the Chicago river (they offer architectural tours, I believe). Take a ride around the loop on the El.

07-24-2007, 09:13 AM
Millenium Park and Navy Pier are great places to walk around. Every Saturday night is fireworks at Navy Pier and they have the big Ferris wheel to see the city lights. http://www.navypier.com I think there is a children's museum there too, but of course, can't find that right now.
I would also ask for suggestions from the hotel. The city has so much to offer, you never know.... Enjoy.

07-24-2007, 02:39 PM
LON outlet store is not worth it in your case. Last time I went it was like a warehouse with broken and mismatched stuff.

I would stay downtown. Woodfield Mall does not have any must sees!

Chicago dining site:


I know the kid friendly topic has come up before so you might want to search the archives. Practically any pizza place should be fine for kids.

I wouldn't go out of the way to go to AG on this trip. IMO your DD is a little young for a BB. They are heavy and you could wind up carrying it more than your DD. Also, it could be kind of crowded there on a weekend, so maybe not the best time to go with a toddler.



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