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03-01-2003, 11:30 PM
Hi ladies,
Sorry it took me a while to get to this forum. Unfortunately, I don't get as much free time as I would like to spend here on the board. :(
Anyway, just wanted to add my 2 cents....
I've been working out for over 20 years (after my 2 older kids were born I was left with 35 extra lbs!). I did a LOT of research, watched many good programs on health and fitness as well as reading many books on the subject. I went on a diet and exercise program and lost all the weight and more (on my own, at home).
I was able to keep my weight at the same level for the past 20 years by just cooking lighter and by working out.
When I got pregnant with Sabrina (surprise, surprise!), I got worried about my weight gain. I didn't want to be foolish, though, and not eat properly. I gained a total of 25 lbs and I went 42 weeks.
Sabrina was 9 lb 4 oz so, between baby weight, fluids, placenta, etc., I lost 20 lb just by giving birth.
I was left with 5 and I thought it would be easy to get rid of. Well, those 5 quickly turned into 10 and, for me, that's one to two dress sizes (I'm only 5' 4").
The problem is that I can't seem to get motivated enough to diet. I still exercise but it won't work unless I diet.
I've been feeling sorry for myself over the loss of my freedom and having to start all over again just when I thought I was done!
When I get depressed, I eat to compensate....
What has always worked for me for weight loss is aerobic exercise with toning. I believe that the only way you'll lose weight is if you sweat it off. Just my opinion. I know not everyone can do it but, for me, yoga has only worked in improving flexibility.
I do floor aerobics, step aerobics, kick boxing (advanced tae-bo), sprints on my treadmill (3min. walking followed by one min. running for 45 minutes total). I also do legs, abdominals and arms toning exercises.
I always start with a strech and end with more streches. I work out at home....always did.
I own one of the biggest collections of exercise videos...all of Kathy Smith's; Gilad; Denise Austin; all of the tae-bo series (20 tapes); the Firm; Gin Miller; and many, many others.
I think we should do something like they do on WW where you get to "report" once a week and weigh in. What do you think? Do you agree that it might motivate us into get serious about it?
I'd like to hear your opinions.

03-02-2003, 10:26 AM
I am up for a weekly report. It seems that my weight loss has been very slow, but I have been working on getting toned so I haven't spent much time on aerobics like I know I should. I will be jogging now I have a jogging stroller, just as soon as the weather permits! I am under my pre-pregnancy weight about 5 lbs, but 5 lbs heavier than when I got married 4 years ago. I would really like to get back to my previous weight. I am 5'1" so I really have a problem when I carry extra weight. It has no place to go but down! Really my personal goal more than the extra 5 lbs off is to lose 1/2" of fat on my thighs and butt/hips. Hopefully by summer I can work it off!

mama to Anthony

03-03-2003, 12:26 PM
I think a weekly report would be great for getting motivated as well as for tracking our progress. Maybe we could all post our fitness goals as well, so we can support each other in reaching them.

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03-04-2003, 11:30 AM

I too am like you, I cannot lose weight by excercise alone. Prior to my pregnancy I worked out everyday (cardio and weight training). I had always planned to work out through out my pregnancy, however the first 5 months were racked with terrible, horrible morning sickness and I've become kind of lazy since.

I would love to join in for a weekly weigh in. After the pregnancy is over I plan on re-joining weight watchers. I definitely think the accountably of weighing each week and journaling your food works. My gym membership is up in April and I will not be rejoining because of their lack of child care and I'll be working out at home. So I need all the motivation I can get!

EDD 4/14/03