View Full Version : Anybody ever try "Beach Body" videos??

04-14-2003, 12:23 AM
I was watching a TV ad for these videos and they look great and even have online message boards for support. I would love to know any input on these. Anyone ever try them or know of someone who has? I am looking to get off about 10 pounds. I lost all of my baby weight, but then regained some since this winter in the northeast was awful and I found myself at home eating lots of chocolate. Also, it's harder for me to find a good time to work out since I am basing everything around DS's naps and feeding (I know you all understand). I have tried the Firm, but only once and think I want to try beach body since the infomorcial sold me.
Anybody want to buy my Firm VHS videos and fanny lifter before I post them on ebay? Let me know.
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