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06-06-2003, 09:45 AM
I've finally decided it's high time I lose the baby weight too. I joined Weight Watchers, but have been only following the system on my own since then. It's just too much to bring Joshua to the meetings and try to get him to be quiet and sit still for 1/2 hour (I don't know anyone who can take him during the day while I go either).
I know I also need to start excercising (which to me is as much fun as going to the dentist ;) ). I haven't done any REAL excercise for 10 years, since I took aerobics class in highschool PE (unless you count walking through a shopping mall, or running after a baby 24/7 ! My birthday is coming up, and I'd like to ask for either a jogging stroller to go power walking through the neighborhood, or a gym membership. The gym membership would only be for the equipment itself, because adding on a class is too expensive, and they are all right at dinner time when Josh is his fussiest anyway.

What I'm wondering is, which would be better? Stroller or membership? With the stroller, I don't have to drive back and forth to a gym everyday, Josh would love being on a walk every morning, and it's starting out slow. Also, I wouldn't feel so bad if I didn't go each day, like I was wasting money. But with a gym membership, I could go rain or shine, there is more variety, and a nursery for Josh. But I worry that if I didn't go at least every other day, I'd feel like I was wasting money (which could actually be a motivator to go!) It is very hard however to get out of the house with Josh to be in public. Harder than throwing on sweats and stepping out the front door for a walk. Would I still need to do some kind of workout at home to be effective and tone things up? What would you reccomend?

Any opinions? What did you all do the first time "back in action" after having your baby? (Okay, it's been 10 months, but I'm still straggling!).

06-06-2003, 10:33 AM

First of all, are there any night meetings you can go to for WW? I've given up bringing Martie to day meetings and make DH watch her while I"m out and then I go and run a few errands that are too much of a PIA to haul her around with. Otherwise you can do WW online. My SIL lost 75 lbs with WW online program.

There are positives for both the gym membership and the stroller. With the gym membership you can get a bigger variety of exercise through the different cardio machines and you can do weight training, which is very important in getting fit. Weight training is a better way to prevent osteoporosis than drinking milk and it helps you to burn fat and increases your metabolism. But you could get some cheap weights and do it at home too. If you do that I would recommend a book by Joyce Vedral.

The stroller is something that you can incorporate with your son and you'd probably get good use from the stroller since they are kind more all terrain-ish. I've given up my gym membership b/c they have no nursery and feel that I can save my money by working out at home with videos and walking.

To me it sounds like you are leaning towards the stroller, plus if it is raining you can always take the stroller mall walking in the morning.


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06-06-2003, 10:40 AM

First off, way to go on your decision to get "back in action"! I know it's hard to take that first step--at least it was for me. But I can't tell you how much better I feel since I've started working out again post-pregnancy. I feel like a new woman!

Anyway, to answer your question: my gym membership ran out while I was pg and I decided not to renew it. For us, it would just be too big of a hassle to try to get it together enough to make it to the gym everyday. Instead, I got the Firm video tapes (which I love) and rotate those with walking (which I also love--and so does Olivia!). As far as strollers go, we don't have an actual "jogging" stroller. We have a Zooper Buddy and it works great for us.

HTH a little! Good luck...and don't forget to join us here for our weekly posting!

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06-06-2003, 01:16 PM
Amy, my DS is just shy of his one year birthday, and just now sleeping through the night. So I have just gotten back to working out myself. You are doing better than me!

I am just not the kind of person who has gym membership discipline, so I have been taking walks with my boys in the double stroller, and mixing that up with using the eliptical trainer (which we have at home), and videos. I think that between a stroller and a few good videos, you could really get in quite a good workout at home.

The stroller (MBUD) has been great. I live in an area where there are alot of lakes with paths around them. So sometimes I drive to one of the lakes. When it is easier, I just walk around home. After I have gotten in my walk, I stop at a playground or tot lot and let the boys play there before we head home. That way, it is alot of fun for all of us together.

To me too, it did sound like you are leaning toward the stroller, so I would go for that. The most important thing is to do what you like, and what you think you would use the most.

Good luck!

06-06-2003, 02:15 PM
I would go for the jogging stroller. It costs less and will get your confidence up on being a regular excersizer, walking or running. Plus the convience of working out w/baby is very nice. I have a jogging stroller, Dreamer Design, and love it. Plus downside, at the YMCA'S around here if you go in the evening w/baby all the care takers are young girls, personally I would rather someone with more experiance. During the day there are grown women who watch the children. Hey if the stroller works out you can use it as a tool to prove to DH you are serious and the membership would be worth it. That's my 2 cents!