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06-29-2003, 12:58 AM
Help!!! Okay the puffiness (LOL) is not going away! I'm a good forty pounds over weight after 2 kids and I need someone to give me a good kick in the butt and workout with me! I drag me weary body out and do a 30 minute walk with the kids about twice a week but I need to get into the gym consistently(24 Hr Fitness) without the kids in the evening. Is anyone out there in my area and needs a workout partner or walking buddy? I'm definitely not in shape. I don't do triathlons. I'm not looking for a trainer. I just want to be around someone real who understands the joys and pain of family life, what it is like to not be a size 4, and who like me needs to learn that taking care of my family means taking care of me first. TIA!

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06-29-2003, 09:01 AM
Unfortunately, I'm not in Orange County, but I feel your pain - and I've only had one child! It was really hard for me to get started, but I decided to bite the bullet and hire a trainer. It had been so long since I'd worked out that I didn't want to hurt myself, and honestly, the fact that I've shelled out all this money means I'd better make it to every one of those appointments. I'm also working out with a friend who is training for the police force, so he's really been a big help. Our trainer is great - he did a ton of research to make sure I wouldn't damage my poor, stretched-out abs and printed out tons of post-natal exercises for me to do. It's hard and it means I don't have any mad-money for the summer, but after five weeks, I am starting to feel better about myself. It's frustrating, but the motivation I get from Jay (my trainer) keeps me going. HTH!

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