View Full Version : Trip to Pittsburgh

08-13-2003, 01:33 PM
So here is the outcome of our trip to Pittsburgh. Well first and formost we are staying in St. Louis, to my relief. Well we drove out on last Wednesday and arrived in Pittsburgh around 9 p.m. We drove around the city, in the dark and rain, not much help for viewing. The next morning we drove around the town and narrowed out the neighborhoods that we would consider. I can not tell you how much help all of you ladies were in getting a feel of these neighborhoods. The city is MUCH different than St. Louis City (which happens to be the 4th most dangerous city in the U.S.). It was hard for us to view Pittsburgh w/out prejudice because our knowledge and experiences in St. Louis City. We lived in the city once in St. Louis and never again. We moved out into the beautiful suburbs here in St. Louis County. Anyway we liked Squirrel Hill and Shady Side the most, as everyone said we most likely wood. On Thursday we found some rentals but not quite what we wanted. Then on Friday morning we found a GORGEOUS brick home in Shady Side on 5th St close to Neegly Road (about 2 miles from Mellon park). It was a three story home that had been split into 3 apartments, one per floor. The inside did not have the character the outside had, but was clean and functional. We decided to take it. So we went to UPitt to pick up my DHís financial packet. Then we went out to drop off the deposit to the land lord and my DH just felt it wasnít right. We felt conflicted the whole trip and my DH said that he kind of was thinking someone would stop him or that he would know right away when we got there. So we pulled over to a park talked about it and then he called UPitt, declined the spot and we drove home to St. Louis. I was so torn when we where there, of course I wanted to stay in St. Louis but I didnít want to hold my DH back. DH said he didnít think it was fair to me and our families to move out there when we know we have a good situation now and that we for sure will be in St. Louis for 4 more years, after that who knows. DH is very close to his grandparents and they watch Anthony our son, once a week. DS is the apple of his grandmaís eye for sure!!! He knows UPitt is better than St. Louis University, but how much is questionable. Plus he feels he would be a better student in St. Louis because he wouldnít have to worry if I was lonely or making friends and the hardship of being away from his grandparents. So we are back home and finally unpacked in our new apartment in St. Louis. Sorry I havenít updated everyone till know, things have been hectic since we got back. Thank you so much for all of your support, it really helped me in a personal crisis. I hope to be there for you when you need the help.