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08-15-2003, 11:30 PM
It was a shock for a second as I saw myself. I don't know if that's ever happened to you. I had posted in this area before that I was committed to losing the extra weight that I gained while pregnant, but I wasn't committed... because now I weigh an extra 5 pounds over that weight. I just ask you to pray for me, I really do want to lose this weight. I will keep posting here weekly with you all, to try to be accountable

08-16-2003, 02:21 PM
Julie, I had a wake up call this month too! First I had my annual GYN appt, and I weighed the same thing that I did at my 6 week pp checkup. Then yesterday I put on my shorts that I bought about a month or two after I delivered last year - you know, the ones a size bigger to get me through until I lost the weight - and they felt tight.

So, I need to hold myself accountable to lose my extra pg pounds that I have not yet said goodbye to. I am down to nursing 1x a day or so, so I don't have an excuse to do any extra eating anymore.

My biggest problem has been having the energy to work out, since it seems I almost never sleep through the night since someone is always sick, teething, scared...something! But I am just going to have to get through it before I have to go up yet another size - which I refuse- I want my old clothes back!

I'll look for you here, if you look for me too!

08-16-2003, 09:25 PM
Julie and Andrea, I totally understand how you feel!
I've been in the same situation...and hate it! I've been wanting to lose my leftover-from-pregnacy weight (which was only 5 lbs at the time)for a year now! Unfortunately, those 5 lbs turned into 10....and growing!
I can't use lack of exercise as an excuse because I try to work out 5 x a week plus, I'm very active throughout the day.
The real problem is that I indulge and use food as compensation.
I used to be so disciplined about my diet and exercise program. Now, I feel so overwhelmed at times, that I don't care anymore!
I have to change my thinking....and fast!
BTW...I'll be hanging around here too if you need me. I won't be hard to find, in fact, I'm the one with the big @$$! ;)
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08-16-2003, 11:29 PM
Okay, I've met you, and your @$$ is no where NEAR huge! Did you not SEE the new time zone that has landed on MY backside?!?! Seriously, working with a trainer has made it bigger, albeit perkier... I'm working on my diet, but it is SO HARD! Maybe by NEXT summer...

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08-17-2003, 04:09 PM
OK, ladies, I am right there with you. I was really committed to losing the weight, then life happened. You know - the illnesses, teething, not sleeping through the night, etc. I desperately need new clothes because my old ones don't fit and they were dated looking anyway, but I really don't want to have to go back to Lane Bryant to get them!

I really need to lose my weight before DH's company party in December to celebrate their 25th anniversary. That is my incentive. I am now looking into jogging strollers - any suggestions on those? It will be easier to go walking now that DD is in school and it will be just DS and myself!

Take care!

08-17-2003, 05:58 PM
Take a look on the stroller board. There are tons of posts about jogging strollers.

I have an MBUD, which I love, and would highly recommend. BUT there are discussions about strollers in all price ranges over there. I almost choked when I learned the price of the Mountain Buggy, but once I pushed it, there was no going back.

08-17-2003, 05:58 PM
I need to lose weight before it gets cold because my long pants don't fit me, unless I'm going to wear a winter wardrobe revolving around ugly leggings and sweatpants. Someone forgot to inform my thighs that we are no longer pregnant and that they can go away now.

Oh and I've been seeing those shows where people get plastic surgery and they talk about getting tummy tucks because of kids and I'm thinking "that will never happen to me". Well I scared myself by looking at my reflection before I got into the shower. You know that barenaked ladies song "If I had a million dollars?" Getting some plastic surgery would be up there.

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08-17-2003, 09:09 PM
I saw a picture of myself way in the distance in a bathing suit at the ocean and just about choked. I couldn't get over the fact that it was me, and I was enormous. It seriously took me the longest time to accept the fact that that's what I looked like to other people. I was still seeing myself as just slightly chunky--and this picture was telling me the opposite. It's now taped to the inside of my pantry door to look at every time I think about eating something.


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08-17-2003, 11:38 PM
LOL Jenn! You crack me up! :)
You're right, working out makes us look bigger! If we've gained a little weight, we have some fat on top of our muscles. By working out regularly (especially weight training/toning), our muscles get stronger and bigger therefore making the fat look fatter! By doing cardio (and crazy-gluing my lips shut so I stop eating), we can help burn some extra calories.
BTW everybody....Jenn is not fat!
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08-18-2003, 06:07 PM
I completely understand how you feel. In August of 2002, just one year ago, I was forced to get into a swimming suit 4 months post pregenancy and realized how big I was. I felt so ashamed even though I knew why I had extra weight, that was my aahaa moment (as Oprah says). One year later I have lost it all, slowly though. And I have made peace with my hips and realize I am fit and that they are a small as they may ever be and I just have to accept that! I will be here to help cheer all of you along!!!

08-18-2003, 09:15 PM
Add me to the club too. I'm ok with most of my body, but right now it's my stomach that's bigger than all of your @$$e$! I hate that my son is 15 months old and I still look 8 months pregnant. (I might be exagerating slightly).

Ok, people need to be held accountable, right? What if we were to do something like posting pictures of ourselves once a month. That would be a great way to chart progress, as well as put names to faces (for those of us who haven't met).

I'm in. Is anyone with me? It's one picture a month. Not naked, not in a bathing suit. :)

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08-18-2003, 09:31 PM
My aha moment was 9/11. I read news accounts of people escaping the Towers, and how they passed an "overweight" man or woman who had stopped to rest on the stairs. Some people died on 9/11 because they were too fat and out of shape to run down the stairs fast enough.

At that moment, I decided I had to do something. Had I been in the Towers that day, I would have been sitting on the stairs, out of breath and heart racing, when they came down.

One month later, I joined Curves, and started a low carb diet. Eight months later, I was 70 pounds lighter and 5 dress sizes smaller. And in much better shape. And I got pregnant. (that was the best part about losing weight since we had been trying for four years. I think my body knew it could not handle a pregnancy at 300 pounds)

My point to all this is that if you have had that aha moment, if you have accepted how big you really are (whether that is 10 pounds or 100 pounds more than you should be), that is the first step to losing it and getting to where you want to be. Don't lose momentum, make a change now, even if it is a small change, and get moving in the right direction.

Now if my nursing body would just realize that I have *plenty* of fat stored up and it doesn't need to hang on to that last 9 pounds from pregnancy, I could get to where I want to be before I get pregnant again. :)

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08-18-2003, 10:35 PM
I can agree to that. I'm trying to stay motivated, but I'm having a hard time with it. Really starting to love the cardio workouts though...

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08-18-2003, 10:45 PM
I think that's a great idea! I agree with you on not naked nor in bathing suit! :)
One problem, though, some clothes make us look heavier/skinnier than we really are so the picture of the month could be deceiving.
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08-19-2003, 12:15 PM
My prayers go out to all of you who are trying to lose weight.It is a tough situation-so easy to gain the weight but so hard to lose it :(
My reality check came about four nights ago. i was shopping at Ross and the lady in the fitting room asked me," When are you due?" I bluntly told her that my due date already came-in May:( When i got home, I was in tears and decided that enough was enough......I had to drop about 30 pounds............
So I've cut out sugar and have started walking a mile a day.................

08-19-2003, 03:00 PM
Whoa WHOA! If YOUR @$$ is big, then I guess I should count myself fortunate that Mars, being so close, hasn't decided to orbit my a$$! Thankfully, DH actually LOVES my ghetto butt. I am trying to tone the thing(s?) down, though.

You know you're off to a rocky start when your mom is hemming your 8th grade promotion dress and she says, "Stop sticking your butt out," and you say, with narrowed eyes, "I'm NOT!"

08-22-2003, 01:22 PM
This happened to me last week...I was traveling and shopping at the mall. I went into Gap kids to find things on sale, and the salesperson asked me when the little one would be here. I said she already was - and barely stopped myself from crying right there. She's 15 months, when will I stop looking like I'm 5 months pregnant?!

My main problems are my stomach and thighs. I get up at 6am every weekday to use the treadmill or weights for 30 minutes, but I don't think I use them very whole heartedly. I've dropped into this forum to get motivated. Oh, my other problem is that mentally I keep telling myself not to worry about it because we will start ttc#2 next month. Why should I try to lose weight now when I know I'll be gaining pregnancy weight soon (or at least that's what the little voice in the back of my head keeps saying). I know that being in shape is better for me regardless of whether I'm ttc or not, but it's still hard. And since I have about 20 pounds to lose it's just a difficult decision to buck up and do it. Funny, I only gained 12 pounds during the pregnancy...

Thanks for letting me ramble :-) I needed to share that with someone (didn't even tell Ken about the salesman's comments - I was horrified).

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