View Full Version : Slimmer than ever

10-22-2003, 10:50 PM
The weirdest thing, I gained 45 lbs while pregnant and lost 55 in 4 months after child birth, without even trying. I think having less time and breastfeeding resulted in a body that I haven't had since my 20's and I'm turning 40. So to all those women who think that having baby's is the end of a good figure. Not so. I just need to firm it up a little but I'm not chasing men these days. So who cares that much. I feel silly posting this but I couldn't believe that my skinny jeans fit me. They are sooo out of style. Now that they fit I have to throw them out.

10-24-2003, 09:52 AM
I hate sounding like a downer, but be careful about getting complacent with your diet. When DS 4 months old, I was 15 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Within 4 months of weaning, I was 15 pounds OVER my pre-pregnancy weight. Your metabolism goes crazy when breastfeeding, so you really have to be aware of the change back when you quit.

I was 37 when we weaned. I've decided #2 is going to wean when s/he goes to college!

Good luck. Sorry if I was discouraging!

Mom to Truman 11/29/01 and EDD 4/23/04!