View Full Version : SBD Gals: Want recipes for Salmon and Hummus

01-07-2004, 02:52 PM
I am not a SBDer but boy if that rosemary salmon is as good as you sound that would make my hubby very happy. And I would love the recipe for the hummus. I like hummus that is at the store but it is very exspensive. Thanks for your help!

01-07-2004, 03:49 PM
I have not made the hummos recipe (I use the hummos from Costco), but the salmon recipe is really easy.

1 lb salmon
2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp salt
pinch freshly ground black pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp fresh rosemary leaves, chopped or 1 tsp dried, crushed
Capers and extra rosemary for garnish, if desired

Cut the fish into 4 servings. Combine all other ingredients and coat the fish.

The recipe says to grill it (they suggest a grill basket) over medium-hot coals for 4-6 minutes per 1/2" of thickness. Turn halfway through if the fish is more than 1" thick.

It hasn't been grill weather lately, so I have been using a grill pan on the cooktop. I coat the grill pan lightly with a spray on oil, and then cook for about 4 minutes per side, just until done.

Super yummy!!!!

01-07-2004, 05:55 PM
I agree, this is super yummy. I broiled it and it came out great. I am planning on making the hummus this weekend and will let you know how that turns out if you like.

01-07-2004, 06:05 PM
So I got a big ol filet of salmon at Costco and am going to divide it up and freeze it, but I was wondering if you remove the skin before cooking. I HATE dealing with the scales, but I also hate having it on the plate. Would the salmon fall apart without it?

I didn't even think about a grill pan - good to know! I just broiled it and it turned out delicious. Even better, it made for a great salad topper the next day!

01-07-2004, 09:28 PM
Hmm. The salmon I buy at Costco is all cleaned up and pretty. No scales! I think it as in a 2 or 4 pound package, I forget which.

And I always make a little extra for my salad lunch the next day!

01-07-2004, 10:13 PM
".....do you remove the skin before cooking"

Then I'm dumb too, because I had no idea what to do with the silvery skin. There were no scales so I left it on, and the flesh flaked right off of it when we cooked it. We didn't eat that part, but I guess you could? Anyway, nice to know it wasn't only me :)

01-08-2004, 10:48 AM
Thanks Beth! I can't wait to try it!

01-08-2004, 01:43 PM
I'm a dork! My Costco salmon was a beautiful skinless filet. I hadn't opened it yet, but the filet I got at Albertson's had the skin on, so I just assumed... PHEW - one more reason to love Costco. I'm only buying salmon from Costco now. It was dee-LISH-us!

And I didn't eat the skin (I almost gag at the thought), and yes it flakes right off, but I hate having a slab of skin on my plate. Yuck. Just the anal-rententive in me, I guess;).

01-08-2004, 01:49 PM
I hate having a slab of fat from steak on my plate so I am right there with you!