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04-10-2003, 09:12 AM
I thought it might be good to start a thread where everyone who CD's could post a review of what they've done, how its worked etc.

First, when I get new CDs I wash them twice. I wash in warm with a small amount of detergent and dry them if they are fitted, then I rewash again in warm with a small amount of detergent. My Fuzzi Bunz and AIO's don't usually get dry during this process, but I haven't had a problem. I try to wash my Joey Bunz a few times because hemp is a little harder to break down. The more I've used my hemp diapers and liners, the better they get over time. I hang dry anything that is PUL and put everything else in the dryer.
When I wash after they've been used, I scrap off any poop that missed the rice paper liner or if I was unlucky enough to forget the flushable liner, I scrape off as much as I can in the toliet. I actually use an old credit card for this or just toliet paper. Then I get the liner wet (I always use a fleece liner, so I don't have to handwash the diaper itself) and put a little Biz or Totally Toddler stain remover on it, roll it up, and it goes in my pail. There is always a little left, because what small amount is there gets washed away fine without any residue in load.
I wash every other day or every two days. I then wash the load in cold, let it soak overnight (I've learned this is the easiest), in the morning I rewash the load in hot. I use about a 1/4 cup of baking soda in the wash the 1st time, and I put a downey ball in with vinegar in the hot wash for the rinse. I use All Free and its worked great. I use a normal amount in the first wash, and about 1/2 that in the 2nd wash.
I will admit that most of my washing ideas have come from Beth's posts. She knows her stuff.

I experimented by trying one or two of several kinds and brands of diapers. I've tried AIOs, Pockets, and Fitteds with covers. I don't use CPF's though.

Fuzzy Bunz (pocket)
Heavenly Heinys (lay in soaker AIO)
Crickett's Hemp Fitted
Zippidy Fleece Fitted
Diaper Works Pocket AIO
Bummies Super Snap Cover
Bumkins Cover

Not Really a Like, but Still Use:
SuperDupas Fitted
Luke's Drawers AIO
Kushies Classic Fitted
Happy Heiney Pocket
Prowrap Cover

Dislikes and I don't use:
Bumkins AIO
Justin's Buttons Pocket AIO
SuperDupas AIO
Under the Nile Organic Onesize Fitted

On the way, and I haven't tried:
Zootkitty Pocket
Bumpy Wool Cover
and more Heavenly Heiney AIO's (I love these!)

I mainly use Joey Bunz to stuff everything or use as an extra soaker, (if they don't come with their own soakers) and I have some inexpensive fleece liners just to catch stuff, not of absorbency. I also use CPF's at night in my Fuzzy Bunz.
I haven't tried any of the Motherease diapers because DD is in between sizes on ME diapers, and I am going to wait until she is a little bigger.
One the biggest things I've learned, I really like snaps better than Aplix. They wash better, and DD can't take them off and I think I get a better fit.

I can't wait to see everyone else's reviews and tips!!

04-10-2003, 10:11 AM
What a great idea for a thread!

I have found that my needs have gotten simpler the more I use cloth. I never really tried a whole lot and I have liked almost everything I tried. I am just about at the the point of downsizing my stash to be simpler.

MotherEase Onesize (very versatile and absorbant)
MotherEase Sandies (very absorbant but a bit bulky)
Kissaluvs (trim and super soft, but not terrible absorbant)
CPFs (a bit of a pain, but super versatile and cheap)
MotherEase Airflow covers (fit over everything and totally reliable, a bit bulky)
Proraps Classic covers (cheap and dependable)
JoeyBunz (the ultimate doubler!)

FuzziBunz (the fit is crucial and I get an occasional leak, but still a nighttime fav and makes a great trim daytime diaper)
Bumkins AIO (not very absorbant, but SUPER easy and fun colors)
Kissaluvs contours (OK)
FuzziBunz microterry inserts (work fine, but more bulky than a JoeyBunz)

Bummis covers (run small and don't fit DD right)
Bumkins covers (ditto to the Bummis)
Lukes Drawers AIO (too bulky and leaked for me)
MotherEase Rikki wrap (velcro made marks on DD)
Bummis Snap cover (fit strangely)
Anything by Kushies (OK, but too many better options for the same money)

I don't know that I have any great tips, but just try things and see what you like.

04-10-2003, 03:31 PM
A few quick tips:

Moms of boys: I like fitteds with snap-in doublers that snap in front, not the back. I fold the doubler in half to provide absorbency where boys need it most! If the diaper doesn't have a snap-in doubler (like ME Sandies) I just add a hemp doubler, folded in half, in front (like http://www.mom-and-me-creations.com/diapering.html). I stay away from dipes with soakers attached in back.

For bf'd baby poops: I soak the dipe in a bucket of Oxyclean (two scoops, hot water) for several hours. Then wash everything twice in hot water, using a small amount of detergent in the first wash only. Then into the dryer (except anything PUL) for an hour. I dry my Bumkins AIOs because the flannel isn't soft if I air dry it. (Will I have a problem with stinky diapers down the road, using this washing method? Got it off of a CD site...)

Colin's up from his nap - I'll post more later if I think of something!

04-14-2003, 04:42 PM
just moving it to the top

04-14-2003, 06:05 PM
Great idea!!

DD is breastfed, so dealing with poo is pretty easy. We use a dry pail. Cold wash w/ 1/2 reg. amount of All Free and Clear and 1 scoop of baking soda. I let it soak for about an hour. Rinse with 1 cup of vinegar. Then a Hot wash with 1/4 reg. amount of All Free and Clear and another rinse.

Trick for dealing with stains- Sun!! Pretty easy in Arizona :-)

I've started adding 15 drops of Tea tree oil every fourth wash, and occasionally 15 drops of lavender oil. Both have antibacterial properties.

I take out my covers after the cold wash/rinse and hang them to dry. Everything else goes in the drier on med. heat for 50 minutes and then out on the clothes line.

Fuzzibunz w/Hemp Joeybunz
Bumkins AIO
CPF - didn't like them at first but with practice are becoming a fav.
Crickett's Hemp Fitteds
Bummis SWW

Bumkins contoured diapers, a waste of money in my opinion - a CPF works just as well, if not better.

I'm pretty new to this, so I don't have a lot of different diapers. I kind of like finding what works, and just using that instead of having so many different diapers. I'm also not really into "cute" diapers (at least yet ;-) ).