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04-05-2003, 10:34 PM
Just a few fun questions for those of you CDing:

1. What's in your stash?

2. What's your favorite diaper and why?

3. What's your favorite place to buy diapers from?

Lisa ;-)

04-05-2003, 10:55 PM
Here are my answers:

24 bleached CPF (which are used more for burp cloths than diapers right now :-) )
13 Bumkins AIO
6 Fuzzibunz w/Joeybunz
2 Cricketts
2 Bumkins contours (coming in the mail)
1 Prorap
1 Bummis SWW
1 Bumkin cover

My favorites right now are the Bumkins AIOs because they're so easy to use. I'm "branching out" though, so this might change!!

My all time favorite place to buy diapers is from COlleen at naturalbabies.

Lisa :-)

04-05-2003, 11:44 PM
1. 24 unbleached CPF, a bunch of fleece liners, 7 FuzziBunz, 6 JoeyBunz, 4 Prorap covers, 1 Bumkins cover, 1 Bummis SIWW (are those the initials?), 2 Bumkins AIO, 3 Snappis I don't use

2. FuzziBunz with a Joey Bunz. Very trim and sooooo soft. Fit DD like a dream right now.

3. Have only bought from Colleen at NaturalBabies, but will buy Cricketts at Julie's as soon as she gets more (thanks a lot, Neve;))

Ainsleigh is borderline on the weight right now, so I'm waiting to buy a Motherease AirFlow Cover. Until then I have 3 Snappis that are collecting dust.

04-06-2003, 01:51 PM
1. My Crazy Diaper Stash:

12 ME Sandys
6 Kissaluvs
2 Kissaluvs (old style terry)
2 Crickett's Hemp Diapers
12 Unbleached Chinese Prefolds -Infant
12 Bleached Chinese Prefolds -Infant
24 Unbleached Chinese Prefolds - Premium
6 Unbleached Chinese Prefolds - Regular
(on order- 12 regular unbleached cpfs)
1 ME One size
3 Fuzzi Bunz (plus one on order)
2 Kissaluvs contours
1 Baby Softwraps - Lennon Animal Toss print
1 Bumkins All-In-One
7 Kooshies/Kushies Ultra AIO
4 Babykicks Joey Bunz

3 ME Air Flow Covers
6 Proraps Covers
3 Bummis SWW Covers
3 Bumkins Vented Covers
1 Bummis Pull On Pant Cover
8 Litewrap covers (bought these used; only for dire emergencies_
1 Cottonwrap cover

2. My favorite diapers are : A. ME Sandys B. Chinese prefold with a snappi and a prorap cover or ME cover C. Fuzzi Bunz with a joey bunz insert

3. Favorite place to buy diapers: A. www.naturalbabies.com B. ebay store- seller name granitesmith C. www.naturalebaby.com D. www.kellyscloset.com E. www.motherease.com

I edited this to add Mother Ease

04-06-2003, 04:24 PM
12 CPFs
6 Bumkins AIOs (size small)
2 Prowrap AIOs (size NB)
12 Kissaluvs (size 0)
3 WAHM AIOs (size small)
3 Prowrap covers (size NB)
4 Prowrap covers on order (size small)

2: I don't think I really have one right now. At first, I really liked the Kissaluvs, but now I really like the CPFs. I need more covers, however, so my ability to CD is rather limited at the moment. I really *don't* like the Bumkins AIOs, because they don't fit Nate's skinny thighs too well and therefore leak. My husband uses the Bumkins exclusively.

3: Colleen at Naturalbabies.com, no question.

04-07-2003, 02:56 AM
1. My current stash:
3 Sugarpeas fitteds
3 SOS fitteds
7 Buckeye Bottoms fitteds
7 Mom&Me Creations fitteds
1 ME Sandys
1 Bizzy B Hive fitted
1 Darling Diaper pocket fitted
1 Liz's Cloth fitted
3 Bikini-cut Cuddlebuns
3 Cuddlebuns
1 Cloud9 Softie fitted
1 Buckeye Bottom AIO
2 Bizzy B Hive Fleece AIO
1 Starbunz Ducky AIO
2 LD Cotton Kisses AIO
2 Lucy's Hope Chest AIO
1 ManyDucks AIO
4 Zootkitty Pocket AIO
1 Liz's Cloth AIO
1 Fuzbomb cover
1 Fuzbaby Easy cover
1 Little Turtle Knits soaker
2 Aristocrats soakers
1 Wool Stacinator cover
1 Wool Bumpy cover
2 Bumpy Day covers
1 Darling Diapers PUL cover
1 ME AF cover
2 dz. UBCPFs

2. At the moment my favorite diaper is Cuddlebuns. They're so trim and soft. I've been really into trimness lately!

3. My favorite place to buy diapers from...any WAHM really. I don't think there's one place.

04-07-2003, 06:52 AM
1. What's in your stash?

20? Hemp fleece soakers
1 Darling Diaper AIO
5 Sew Darlings made by me
1 Heavenly Hiney
7 Terry/Fleece Kissaluvs size 1
5 size 2 fleece Kissaluvs (still rather big, but my stash is small!)
1 all flannel diaper from peanutbutterkisses.com

2. What's your favorite diaper and why?

My Sew Darlings are by far my favorite. I have supplies to make about another 10 and then I will be set!

3. What's your favorite place to buy diapers from?

I love the Buckeye Bottoms fitted that dd outgrew and I love the PBKissses diaper---it's super trim but not very absorbant. I buy most of my supplies to make diapers from Amber at Darling Diapers. I want to try one of her fitteds too. :)

04-07-2003, 10:04 AM
Here is my stash :)

7 CPFs and 2 snappies, hardly used, Maya won't stay long enough for me to put them on!

5 Bumkins
4 Luke's Drawers Candy Wrappers
1 LD Cotton Kisses
4 FuzziBunz
3 Happy Heiny's

1 Kissaluvs
1 ME Sandy's
1 LD Quick-Dry Cotton Kisses
1 Crickett's
2 Ivy Rose
5 Darling Diapers fitted
3 Darling Diapers Pocket fitted
1 BizzyB Hive Hemp
2 Cuddlebuns

3 Bumpy Day covers
1 ME AirFlow
2 Ivy Rose
2 Bumkins

2 Small, 6 Medium fleece topped, 12 Medium regular, 4 Large regular

Plus some microfleece liners I made and rice paper liners that are too rough on Maya's skin

My favorite changes everyday, sometimes I like Sandy's, because it's so easy to put on and it's one piece, without a snap-in soaker. Sometimes I like WAHMs, because they're so cute and soft.

I prefer to buy from WAHMs, too. They're very nice to work with.

Mama to Maya 2-17-02

04-07-2003, 10:08 AM
You have a nice stash!! How do you like wool covers? I've been thinking about trying them for a while. Are they easy to maintain? What is your favorite wool cover? The Little Turtle Knits soaker looks so cute.


Mama to Maya 2-17-02

04-07-2003, 10:25 AM
What I have vs. what I use are two different stories! ;-0

I have in actual use:

29 FB (26 for babe, 3 for toddler)
25 Large Joeys
15 Medium Joeys
20 fleece topped joeys
24 Premium CPF
5 Bummis covers
2 Bumpy's covers
20 microfleece liners (made myself)
6 Kissaluv contours

Have, but not in use (or not in use much):
15 Bumkins shaped diapers
3 Bumkins diaper covers
15 Bumkins AIOs (all right, I use occasionally, but not much)
4 Angel Wraps (WAHM AIOs)
1 Righteous Baby
2 Liz's Cloth ( I hemp, 1 fleece AIO)
1 Crickett's Hemp fitted
12 unbleached premiums CPFs ( I hate these with a passion)
1 Cuddlewrap
2 prowraps

I like Fuzzibunz the best (obviously), but I do have to say, occasionally I like CPF with a Snappi and a cute Bummis cover. I like the Bumkins AIO, but babe has started walking, his tummy went way down, and I have to keep these on the tightest tummy setting to keep them on, so he needs to gain a little weight before I use them again.....

I really like my Happy Tushies stuff- the wipes and bags, but Michelle at SMJAE made me a grabbag of awesome wipes which I just got, and I am a fan of them, they're wonderful...

I order primarily from naturalbabies.com, naturalebaby.com, and babybellebottoms.com- fabulous service at all.....

04-07-2003, 02:42 PM
That's all I use now! I love them! I wash them about once every other week, unless it gets poop on it. If you had one or two that you used everyday all day you might need to wash it once a week though. I handwash, meaning I leave them to soak in the sink with Eucalan woolwash. You just leave them in the sink for about 30 minutes or so, roll it up in a towel to squeeze out excess water, then lay flat to dry. The Aristocrats takes 2 days to dry, but all my other ones dry overnight. And that's it! It's realy not any work at all.

My favorite one right now is the Fuzbaby Easy cover. I really want another one but the turnaround time is a month right now. :( If I could only have 1 that would be the one I choose because it's thin and trim, stretchy and soft, and it has a pretty generous cut so that it fits over all my bulkiest fitteds. Also the sizing runs really wide so even though it's $30 you just need one size from about 12-35 lbs.

But I really do like all the other ones too! I bought a Little Turtles soaker but I also bought the pattern and am working on making one myself. I'm a beginning knitter though so it's going to take me months to finish one I think!

04-07-2003, 07:20 PM
Thanks for the info!! I think I should give wool covers a try :) Those WAHM diapers and covers are so addicting. I know it's almost impossible to get a FuzBaby one. Do you like Liz's Cloth, too? Oh, I'm getting too excited talking about CDs :P My "want-to-try" list looks just like your stash LOL!!

Mama to Maya 2-17-02

04-08-2003, 06:45 PM
I'm alittle different than others in that I like to find something great and order them all in that...I don't want to be digging in a pile of mixed diapers looking for my favorite, though must admit if money was not an object would have sampled more...

I have 24 European PF from an EBAY seller called granitesmith (can search under sellers name with that if interested). She recommendd them over Chinese PF and I noticed Wee Bees also sells them and seemed to endorse them.

I have Prowrap covers in all sizes and I think 6 or 10 of each sixe (too many), but I bought them 2nd quality from the company directly.

I have 24 fleece liners that I made shaped like a sanitary napkin shape

I have 24 fleece liners shaped like an hour glass shaped for when you fold the diaper in threes and place in a cover

I expect 17 Cricketts tomorrow (fitted) and think I'll stay with just Cricketts if they work...

EDITED to say that I chose Cricketts because the weight allowance is large thus not having to change out of diapers rapidly (sizes), and I noticed the Aristrocrat covers carry a good weight range too. From the sounds of it and the reviews at diaperpin I think I will happy with the Cricketts...thanks Lori and Melissa for getting them in my radar!!!

Want to purchase Joey Bunz
Want to purchase wool diapers

04-08-2003, 07:24 PM
Colin is sleeping, so I will try to do this from memory:

1 Crickett's organic cotton
13 Crickett's hemp
1 Fuzzibunz
5 Kissaluvs
1 Motherease Sandy
3 Bumkins AIOs
1 Proraps AIO
1 Cuddlebuns
2 Fleece baby fitteds

1 Proraps velcro cover
1 Proraps snap cover
2 Bumpy day covers
1 Bumpy night cover
1 Motherease airflow cover

4 Joeybunz
1 fleece covered Joeybunz
7 Crickett's doublers
3 Kissaluvs super soakers
7 Mom and Me Creations hemp doublers
1 Motherease doubler for the Sandy

Fleece liners that I cut myself
A few CPFs just for the heck of it

I have a few Sugarpeas fitteds and covers on the way, too. And I will pick up another Fuzzibunz or two for overnight - they seem to work pretty well when stuffed with two Joeybunz and a Mom and Me doubler.

My favorites right now are the Crickett's hemp, but the Motherease Sandies are nice, too. I love the Mom and Me Creations hemp doublers - very trim but very absorbent. I like Kissaluvs but we are using size 2, which is a little bulky right now. I'll probably like them better when they fit Colin a little better. My favorite cover is the Bumpy, just edging out the Prorap velcro (Prorap snap doesn't fit Colin well).

My favorite places to buy diapers from are www.naturalbabies.com, www.juliesstuff.com and Mom and Me Creations (someone else posted the link).

04-09-2003, 12:02 PM
I do like Liz's Cloth. If you want to get one www.mamasfavorites.com is having a 20% off sale until April 10th and it works out to be just under $9 each with the discount.

04-10-2003, 01:44 AM
1. It's a motley stash b/c I could never make up my mind & I'm doing this from memory. Here is what we use:

3 SOS Fitteds(2 organic cotton, 1 hemp-it's stretchier)
4 Toadies Fitteds
2 Kissaluvs Colors
10 Sugar Peas Fitteds
1 Luke's Drawers OSW
3 Liz's Cloth
4 Cuddlebuns

All In Ones
1 Luke's Drawers AIW (nighttime)
1 Luke's Drawers Goodnight Kiss (nighttime)
3 Happy Heineys ( purchased for nighttime, but they're trim enough for day I suppose)
1 Fuzzi Bunz(see Happy Heineys above)
3 Toadies AIOs
1 Buckeye Bottoms Cover/AIO
2 Full Moon Baby Gear AIOs
2 Bizzy B Hive AIOS
2 Luke's Drawers Candy Wrappers (trimmer with contour inserts)

3 Polar Babies Happy Pants
2 Motherease Rikki Wraps
1 Motherease Airflow
2 Posie Patch PUL
1 Sugar Peas Fleece

Other Stuff
2 Premium CPFs
1 Premium PF
2 Snappis
Some Microfleece liners
Hemp Fleece Stuffers from SMJAE for the pocket diapers
Happy Tushies Bags
Bummis Bags
Baby Washcloths & WAHM-wipes

2. Obviously I can't make up my mind! If I just HAD to list some, I would say favorites are Toadies, Liz's Cloth, Cuddlbuns (my custom high-riser ones) & Sugar Peas. Thse are my favorites b/c they are trim and have a higher rise than some

3. For WAHM-made: Super Dupas (Toadies), Sugar Peas. For a general-store type seller Julie's Stuff, SMJAE

4. You didn't ask but:
I've started selling off the stuff I don't use, and it holds it's value pretty well.

Stuff I've sold or am selling b/c it didn't work for us for one reason or another, or just wasn't as good for us as other diapers:
Motherease One Size
Motherease AIO
Motherease Sandy
SugarPlumBaby Fitted & AIO
Darling Diapers AIO
Bumkins AIO
Bumkins Covers
Sugar Peas All Hemp (My son needs microfleece or he gets a rash very quickly)

I know I'm forgetting some stuff from both lists...sorry...

04-10-2003, 07:10 AM
Thanks!! I ordered one to try.

Mama to Maya 2-17-02