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03-25-2003, 05:02 PM
Subtitle - I have questions, do you have answers?

I ordered a "sampler" of diapers from naturalbabies.com (thank you, Beth for your suggestions and help!). I ordered last Tues. and they arrived last Friday. I was very excited to get them and decided to try them out on Saturday afternoon. I felt like I was in a sitcom where an inexperienced person is trying to diaper a baby and they get the duct tape for the diaper or end up wrapping the baby in a roll of paper towels!

Here is what I got:

1 Regular Chinese PF
1 Premium Chinese PF
1 Kissaluvs contoured diaper (LOVE the feel of these!)
1 Prorap classic cover in Large with velcro (no snaps available in large)
1 Bummies Industrial Super Whisper Wrap in Medium
1 Bumkis AIO in Large
1 Snappi
1 pair of Dritz pins (the website says not to use a Snappi on the Kissaluvs contour)

I tried the Bumkins on DS and it seemed to fit, except that it hung almost to his knees in the crotch! Is that normal? I didn't want to order the medium one and have him outgrow it in a month. DH and I liked the AIO's, but we can't afford to have that as our main cloth diapers. We are willing to get more of these, for outings, etc.

I put the Kissaluvs contoured on him and it went on nicely and it was very soft, but the problem came when I tried to add the cover. I placed the diaper in the cover, but I kept having trouble with him wiggling out of the whole contraption and the Kissaluvs moving around in the cover. When I was able to get it somewhat together, the flaps on the Kissaluvs kept getting in the way of the wrap. I did try to use the Dritz pins on the Kissaluv, but was afraid that I would prick DS. He is SO wiggly!

I haven't tried the prefolds yet! I was so discouraged with the other stuff! I really want to give this a shot, because even though DH has a job, he is making less and I really need to work on saving money whenever possible. DH likes the idea of cloth diapers (although he has refused to help doing the laundry for them! LOL!).

I guess my questions for you are:

1. How do you fasten the Kissaluvs contoured? Or do you fasten it? How do you keep it in the cover?

2. How many AIO's would be good for us and how/where/when do you use them?

3. Will I EVER get the hang of this?

4. Are doublers, liners, and soakers the same thing or different things? When and what are they used for?

5. What pails/deodorizers/detergents do you use?

6. How do you handle the dirty diapers when out? (do you buy the bags they have on the websites, like the ones they have at naturalbabies.com)?

Thank you for any help/insight/suggestions you can help me with! I know that I have more questions, but I can't remember them right now!

Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and Andrew (9/23/02)

03-25-2003, 05:38 PM
Well I'm only going to answer one question because that one I can be sure I'm giving you the right answer for.

Number 4 . Are doublers, liners, and soakers the same thing or different things? When and what are they used for

Liners usually refer to a paper like or thin material whose main purpose is to keep the diaper cleaner. (In theory most liners are meant to be tossed but some people if they are just wet not messy/dirty have been known to wash and dry them and reuse them). A second type of liner is a stay dry liner (actually it's some liners do both and some don't) which in theory means they keep wetness from the baby ). Some people like liners, some people don't. It's a personal decision.

The main purpose of a doubler is to increase the "capacity" of the diaper without adding all around bulk. Some people use doublers all the time, others use them only at night and still others never use them. (They probably got the name doublers because before all the new choices, people would have just used two diapers (doubled) to accomplish the task). Now of course doublers are mainly pads that fit down the center of the diaper). Some people do use newborn size cloth diapers as doublers in larger diapers as their children grow

And if I remember correctly soakers are wool covers usually used a night. In theory wool absorbs more moisture without "feeling" wet, therefore, they make excellent night time covers if your child happens to be a "soaker" (doesn't mean it never feels wet, just that it holds a lot more of the wetness in)

All three things would be considered "extras", a doubler probably would be the one that most people use on some occasion but the other two are more about whether they meet your needs and are of interest to you.

03-25-2003, 06:37 PM
LOL! I understand your pain. Its been somewhat trial and error here too. I can't answer all your questions, but I do have a few suggestions.
I didn't have good luck with the prefolds. I guess I'm just not skilled enough, but with some time, I've come to like the fitteds and AIOs. Fitteds are great, they don't need fastners, and are like putting on a disposable. I personally like the Cricketts and the Zippidy's fleece. I have a onesize fits all, and I can't figure it out either. I like the Bummies covers and prowrap covers, but I've heard good things about the motherease airflows.
I never use a doubler, its just too bulky for DD. She looks like she can't even bend her legs with these on. I do use the rice paper liners over a small fleece liner (just for poop, not to absorb much!)But at night we use fuzzy bunz with one joeybunz and one prefold folded in 3rds. It works really well, and is so soft.
I have a med. and a large Bumkins AIO, and DD is 18 1/2 lbs and the medium fits okay, but the large is way too big for her. I don't really like these because they take forever to dry. I'm too paranoid to put them in the dryer. I haven't really found a true AIO I like, but I really like the pocket diaper (ala fuzzy bunz, justin's buttons and Happy Heiney.) The diaper itself hang dry's really fast and I can put the joey bunz or CPF in the dryer.
Okay, after all that, I wash mine with All Free. I don't have a soaking option on my machine, so I do a cold short wash with baking soda and All, and I stop the machine to let it soak for a couple of hours, then I do a warm wash and put a little vinegar in the rinse. I found a presoak at BRU called Totally Toddler, and if poop get on a diaper, I usually just put that on it after I rinse the diaper and thats all the pretreating I really do. So far it's seemed to work really well.
I've just been using a plastic container from Target for the diaper pail. I just put a trash bag in it and then throw away the trash bag after I use it. I just put a little baking soda in the trashbag and it has neutralized the odors pretty well.
We still use disposables when we are out. I just haven't worked up the strength to use cloths when we are out.
Sorry this turned into a book, but I've just now started getting the hang of the whole CDing stuff.

03-25-2003, 08:54 PM
I haven't tried the Kissaluv countours, but I must say that I am loving my prefolds much more than I thought I would. I don't even use snappis. As long as the cover fits well (I have proraps and a bummis), I just fold the pf in thirds and lay it in a cover, lay a fleece strip on top, and velcro the whole thing together. Like Brianna, at night we use a FB with a prefold, sometimes 2 joeybunz (but I like to "save" those for daytime).

I have two bumkins AIOs that I save for when we go out, but I've also used my FB and pfs with success.

You WILL get the hang of this. I've been doing this for a couple (maybe more?!) weeks now it it definitely gets easier.

On Beth's recommendation, I just have a 42 gallon Sterilite plastic pail with a flip-up lid. The large bummis bag fits perfectly in there and holds 3-4 (if I smash them in!) days worth of diapers. I have a stick-up on the lid that houses the citrus deodorizer Colleen sent with my order. It smells fantastic. She's a clever one, that Colleen. I didn't even think about getting those deodorizers, but now I'm hooked. It smells DIVINE (I can hardly keep from licking the stupid thing!).

When out, I either used a zippered waterproof pouch that came with the diaper bag, or I keep a couple plastic grocery bags stashed in the car. That way I can just dump the diaper in the pail and throw the bag away.

I think that's all the input I have. Hang in there. I can't believe how addicting this is!

03-25-2003, 09:55 PM
Oh goodness, you WILL get the hang of it. FYI, Sarah wears a large Bumkins AIO very nicely and could probably wear a medium in a pinch. Andrew will probably fit in mediums for a long time.

But as for your questions:

1) I Snappi my Kissluvs contour. I know you're not "supposed" to, but it works for me.

2) I use AIOs when I am leaving the house, when I feel lazy, and when I travel. Probably 4-6 is plenty if you just use them out and about.

3) YES!

4) The terminology is confusing, because different people use them to mean the same things. Usually a doubler is something you ADD to a diaper to make it more absorbant, a liner is usually added to a diaper to make poop clean up easier and soaker can mean EITHER the absorbant inner core of a diaper OR a wool or fleece cover. Confusing enough yet? This is the WORST part of CDing!

5) I use a Sterilite trash can ($5 at Target) lined with a Large Bummis bag. I don't use any deoderizers. I wash in Tide.

6) I use a Ziplock bag.

As you get better at it, the diaper changes will be much easier! I go in phases with my diapers. Sometimes I prefer fitteds, sometimes I prefer AIOs and FuzziBunz, sometimes I prefer CPFs.


03-26-2003, 08:38 AM
2. How many AIO's would be good for us and how/where/when do you use them?

I use almost exclusively AIOs. :) I love them and use them all day, during naps, when we're out and about etc, etc, etc. :)

3. Will I EVER get the hang of this?

Yes!! But the first couple of weeks can be super FRUSTRATING!!

5. What pails/deodorizers/detergents do you use?

I use a Sterlite garbage can. I don't use a liner or deodorizer (how easy is that??) When I do laundry, about every 2 or 3 days, I dump out the diapers, dump in some white vinegar, wipe it out with a rag and throw the rag in with my diapers. My pail does NOT smell! :)

6. How do you handle the dirty diapers when out? (do you buy the bags they have on the websites, like the ones they have at naturalbabies.com)?

That would be nice but I use Ziplocs. :) Or if we're going to be gone all day, I don't stress with cds. I use disposables. (horrors!!)

BTW---when my dd was 6 months like your son--my favorite diaper was my fitteds: either Kissaluvs or Buckeye Bottoms. :)

03-26-2003, 10:48 AM
...not to steal your thread but here is my encounter...

I have my little stash that I was going to start right after I ran out of two packages of Pampers that were a gift...

Neve says "Oh honey we are down to 4 disposable diapers left, at this rate looks like we will start CDing about 6:00PM tonight"

Steve "Oh really"

Steve walks in door after work with a package of disposies under his arm... :)...

03-26-2003, 11:52 AM
I wanted to second that I snappi Kissaluv contours as well. I don't do it very often, because we do mainly FB's, but I haven't seen any problems at all with it....

I have the tiny Bummis totes for going out. I ordered a fancy wet bag, but it never showed up :-(, and I've been happy with the Bummis bag, but ziplocs work just as well, and they are cheap as heck at Target, so we don't have to worry about cleaning them up after.....

I do the sposie thing, too, if we're going to be gone all day. It's just easier (for us), and with 4 kids, I don't want to be hauling around wet diapers in my bag.

I had a deodisk from Colleen- it smelled amazing, but I washed it with my diapers (don't ask, long story), so I've switched to dipping a q-tip in lavendar oil, and taping it to the lid of my pails. Works just great, and it's cheap and easy.

You'll get the hang of it. The only thing I can tell you is that you can feel crazy. It took me awhile to find what I really liked using, and settle into mostly that. I tried as many things as I could, so I have quite a wide variety, but it got complicated using so many different things. And it completely confused my poor DH. He couldn't figure out what he was supposed to put on the baby, with all the assortment I had going. I am a lovethe one you're with gal- whatever he's wearing at that second, I tend to think is the best, but for my little boy, the only dipe for his shape that never fails is a FuzziBunz, so I need to just accept that, and not play around so much...

I am paring down to mainly Fuzzis stuffed only with Joeys, some Bumkins AIO's, and I bought some prefolds with covers for my mom. She prefers to use those when she's here, because that's what she used with me.....I do use a contour dipe occasionally, and I have some great WAHM AIO's but I put them on the shelf and away. They take too long to dry for every day use, and it wasn't making life simpler to be using them.....

It is fun, and you'll get the hang of it rather quickly, but just give yourself time before you commit to any one system. I wish I waited a week or so before I bought the majority of my dipes. I think I would have saved money by being focused in....

03-26-2003, 10:53 PM
Thank you so much for your help, advice, and understanding. I haven't felt this inadequate since my organic chemistry class (what do you mean my formulas don't exist in real life? thank goodness for grading on a curve!).

I am going to give it another try and hopefully Andrew won't get that look in his eyes that seem to say, "Oh, no! She's trying to do one of those cost cutting experiments with me again!"

Neve, I am rolling out of my chair laughing at the picture of your Steve with the disposable diapers. That would be me! My Steve is actually psyched about trying it, but guess who is doing most of the diaper changes and the laundry?

Thanks again!

Toni - mom to Katherine (5/19/96) and Andrew (9/23/02)