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02-27-2003, 10:54 AM
I've been reading the posts on CD'ing and am thinking about trying it with my DD. She is 7 months old and is close to 18lbs, 27 inches long. I'd like to try a sampler pack or something similar before I invest a lot of money to see if it's going to be something I like doing and can keep up with the laundry, etc...What would you recommend to buy as a trial/starter package? I've seen a few sets on sites like NaturalE baby and Diaper Babies, but I'm really not sure what would be best. I really like the idea of the AIO's, but are they really that much more convenient??? Any ideas would be appreciated.

aka Mom to Emma

02-27-2003, 11:17 AM
Good for you!! I always recommend trying a faew samplers. That way you get a taste for the various options and find out what styles you prefer and that fit your child best.

Some good places to start might be samplers from naturalbabies.com or naturalebaby.com (they are very similar) and a sampler pack from Motherease. These diapers and covers all have good re-sale value, so you can easily get most of your money back if you don't like them. These will give you a taste of some of the "standards" that are out there. Once you try it, you may then want to branch out into the world of WAHM (work at home mom) specialty diapers, of which there are hundreds! But I have been perfectly happy with the "basics". I have no leaks and get a good fit with pretty much all these diapers.

AIOs are easier. Only you can answer if they are that much easier. I don't think they are that much easier myself, but when and if my DH ever decides to actually USE a cloth diaper, I can guarantee it will be an AIO. And they are good for showing off how easy cloth is. :) I also like to keep them in the diaper bag so that I don't have to remember to take fitteds and covers with me. I would say that AIOs are about a third of my stash.


02-27-2003, 12:04 PM

I haven't gotten my stuff yet, but I put together my own sampler (because all of the packs had a few things that I didn't want) based on the suggestions in my thread below. I also looked at reviews on www.diaperpin.com and changed my list slightly based on those (don't read all the reviews - there are too many highly rated diapers). The sampler packs are a little cheaper, but only by a few bucks. www.punkinbutt.com has an appealling sampler pack that I almost bought, then I decided that I wanted a few different things.

I ended up ordering from www.naturalbabies.com and got my Crickett's stuff from www.juliesstuff.com (I think).

The disadvantages I heard about AIOs is that they take longer to dry, and they don't last as long as covers because you don't put covers through the dryer, but the waterproof covering on AIOs is going through the dryer. I still ordered a couple because they might be my favorite, even with these disadvantages, but also tried some fitteds + covers.

02-27-2003, 05:08 PM
I just started a few weeks ago. I'm really happy with the switch, and I can't say enough times that it's good to have a sampling of the different options before you make the plunge into a system. What I thought I would love, I didn't...

I do mostly FuzziBunz and Bumkins AIOs....I am very happy with this system, but I think it was a little more expensive than some other options. I chose to stuff my FB with JoeyBunz, and at around $5 a pop, it wasn't the most economical way to go, but it really works for us...

The AIOs do require a longer drying time, but I put them inthe dryer anyways, after quizzing mamas across the new, and I'm pleased with the results, and the dry time isn't overwhelming...

Naturalbabies.com has a great sampler pack, as does babybellebottoms.com...They both have fab customer service, quick shipping, and are always available to answer questions....

Good luck- it's more fun than I ever thought it would be!

My goodness...I did just say that about diapers and laundry, didn't I? I have lost my mind! :+

02-27-2003, 05:24 PM
I didn't buy any package just a little here and there. Of course if you find 1 place with a good package deal you will save a lot on shipping. I liked/like Bumkins AIOs...and they dry faster than most AIOs b/c of the way the soaker is attached. They aren't super asborbant, though I've never had a leak.

I like the Introductory Product Offer they have at Motherease where you get the diaper and a cover - it's a good price! Only thing is I like Rikki Wraps better b/c you can use them to just lay in Prefolds, too. THey might offer something similiar on those if you like.

Mommy to Jonah

02-27-2003, 05:29 PM
I use mostly AIOs on my 9mo 17.5 lb, 26 inch baby. LOL :)

My AIOs actually dry FASTER than my fitteds (terry Kisslauvs) but that's because I use a piece of hemp fleece, folded as a soaker. :)

I hang dry my AIO covers and if I do laundry at night, they are dry by morning. :)

Have fun in your new adventure. :)

02-28-2003, 12:16 PM
Well, I've ordered a couple of AIO's and Fuzzi Buns, but I haven't received them yet.
I've been wondering, should I try a few fitteds with covers? If so, what are the most trim?
I've looked at motherease, but I don't know if the one size or sandies would be best? Any ideas?

03-01-2003, 02:37 AM
I personally prefer the Sandys way more over the onesize, but the onesize is more economical since you don't have to buy different sizes. You can get a Sandys introductory offer by telephone - I've never ordered that myself though.

You should definitely try fitteds though. As far as being trim, I think if you're going for a trim and absorbant diaper you should go with something made of hemp. And the Airflow covers that come with the introductory offer are wonderful, but not that trim. Of the covers I've tried I think the Bumpys and Bummis are the most trim.

BTW, www.babiesunderwraps.com is having free shipping right now. They have a very wide assortment of diapering products. You just place your order and either she will deduct shipping from the total or if you pay with paypal you can just pay the total minus shipping.

03-01-2003, 11:19 AM
For trimness, the Onesizes are more trim than a Sandy. I like them both. The Sandy is a bit more absorbant, so I tend to use those at naptime. They are also more plush than the OS and have a nicer feel. But I really like the OS also. I personally think you can't go wrong with either, it's just a matter of personal preference. FYI, I don't use a doubler/liner with either. Some people need to use a doubler with them (especially the OS), but my DD is not a heavy wetter, so during the day (even at nap) I never use a doubler. And they are MUCH more trim without the doubler.

I really like the Airflow cover and don't find it to be that bulky. It is less trim than a Bumpy, Bummis or Bumkins, but those type covers don't seem to fit my DD very well, so I never use them. I do have good luck with Prorap Classics though.