View Full Version : Sam's Club diapers---ratings anyone?

02-03-2003, 12:03 PM
I've used Sam's Club diapers for all 4 of my kids and I love them! They have the velcro tabs, cloth-like outer and I have very few leakage problems.

I recommend them highly.

mom of four,9,7,3,1 1/2

02-05-2003, 01:06 PM
The Sam's diapers are exactly the same as the store-brand ones sold at CVS and grocery chains. I think Target also sells them as Loving Touch, but I can't recall exactly. They have baby Kermits printed on them. If you look closely at a package of store-brand diapers and there's a copyright note about Muppet Babies, those are them.

CVS sells them in mini-packs that often go on sale, if you want to just try them out. They're cheap but fine. They seem to puff up a lot more when wet than the name brands, so I use them during the day when I can frequently change, like at home, and use the name brands for overnight or when we'll be out w/o access to a changing table for a long time.

05-06-2003, 02:28 AM
I know this is a late answer to your question, but I read back through the boards for lots of things, so maybe it will help someone else...
I had the same concern you did about buying a huge box of Smiles diapers (especially after buying a huge package of Pampers and discovering that I hated them), but price difference between Smiles and Huggies finally made me take the leap. Turns out that Smiles are WAY better than Huggies ever were! My favorite two features: they don't leave the gel particles all over the baby, and they have a gathered waistband that eliminates the "plumber's crack" problem that DD was having with the Huggies. They don't have Kermit the Frog on them any more, sorry to say, but the new fish design is fine. We've bought at least a dozen boxes of Smiles so far, and they've been consistently very satisfactory.
One difference to note is that the velcro-like strip on the Smiles is only about half the height of the strip on the Huggies. I think that's a feature, but my MIL thinks it's a drawback (possibly because she tends to cinch babies super-tight in their diapers, making the extra velcro useful to her).
BTW, there are 4 sealed inner bags of diapers in each box, for those who might be concerned about keeping a huge box of diapers neat and orderly (someone asked me about that once, so I thought I'd mention it).

08-25-2003, 11:22 PM
I would love to try the Sam's club disposable diapers, however they only come in huge boxes and I just haven't been able to bring myself to buy one yet to try (they run $22-23! A pretty penny for me if we don't like them). Has anyone? Do you like them?

We normally use Luvs, which are obviously fairly cheap, but the Sam's Club ones are cheaper (I think the brand name is Smiles..?)

Thanks for your impressions!
-Jen & Nic (born 8/12/02 and cutting his first two teeth!