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12-25-2002, 11:00 PM
Hey guys have a question (sure many will follow)...

I think I am going to try to trifold (I think this is what "trifolding" is) my PFs and have it where they do not have the "wings" and lay it in the cover that way. By doing this my center padded part will actually be going side to side (opposite direction of what I originally thought)...

I have spent several hours cutting some fleece, and from the diaper board at PP I got the idea to cut them in a shape that gives the fleece the wings (kind of like an hour glass shape). This seemed like a good option to try since it would ,I assume ,cut down on bulk on the sides and be comfy all the way around.

Well I "practiced" for the first time tonight and my PF sticks out over the little cover on the top and bottom-just a bit but does stick out (small not even newborn size)...what do I do with that little bit that sticks out??? Will that cause that "wicking" that you all mention, wouldn't urine just run up that material and out fo the cover???

Also I was prepared to order some Joey Bunz from Michelle at punkinbutt (I could not have been more impressed with her-she spent a lot of time with me answering questions), I wanted the ones with fleece topping. She actually highly endorsed the product but said that she does not think I need them for a newborn, want to make certain that you all agree...

I right now will be keep my stash very very basic so will not be trying out a bunch of things (wish I could) but will have to make due with what I have...

I'll have

36 PFs
24 fleece self cut liners with wings
some rice paper liners

6 Gerber small covers (might have bought premature but I got them)
10 newborn pro-wrap covers (2nd quality)
10 small pro-wrap covers (2nd quality)
10 medium pro-wrap covers (2nd quality)

So not a luxury stash at all...but really want to make it work on these atleast for the first several months.

12-26-2002, 01:03 AM
If part of it sticks out you can just tuck it into the cover. If you were to leave it, it would wick out probably onto your baby's clothing. Unless there's a huge piece that's hanging out it shouldn't be a problem to tuck it in. Do you have infant sized prefolds? If not, it may be kind of hard to get a bigger PF into a newborn size cover.

It sounds like you have plenty of diapers and covers. DS is in mostly large covers now and we alternate between 4. Since we use fitted diapers we've never had poop come out onto the cover so we just keep reusing them until I feel hmm... it's been awhile since the covers were washed. I did order a wool cover recently and if I like it I may buy more of those.

12-26-2002, 12:40 PM
I think I have the smaller size prefold...I forgot the measurement but I'll check...

Which wool diaper cover did you buy??? I was going to register for these and am caught between the bumpy (imse vimse) one and the aristrocrat...

12-26-2002, 01:44 PM
I bought the Stacinator and the Bumpy. We've been using Fuzzi Bunz for night and it's been working out well for us, but if I ever decided to try something else I think I would try the Aristocrat. From what I've heard the Arisocrat is a little bulky for daytime use so I'm going to try the other two. My sister is knitting a wool soaker for DS so I'm curious how that will turn out! The knitted ones are pull-on style like the Aristocrat. There are a lot of WAHMs out there who sell knitted ones too.

You may want to register for a wool cover that's a little big.
Newborns grow so fast that if you get a small one you may not be able to use it very long! You could register for a size M and if you want to try a small one you could buy one used on ebay or something. Especially if you decide to get the Aristocrat since newborns need to be changed several times at night until they stop pooping at every feeding. I think with wool covers you need to let them air out between changings.

Hope that helped!

12-26-2002, 02:35 PM

I just wanted to mention that the rice paper liners won't work well with a newborn's runny poop. I began using them after I got a defective roll of Kushies liners. I like them because they hold up better to washing (I have some that have been laundered 3x and are still going strong), but they're to thin and pourous make any difference with loose, runny poop. I'd recommend trying Kushies or another brand of flushable liners until you start feeding enough solids that your babe has more solid poops.

12-26-2002, 03:28 PM
Thanks guys for the suggestions, Sarah glad you mentioned the liners...I have no idea what baby poops look like...OH I have so much to learn...I can't even imagaine...

With the cost of wool covers I certaintly don't want him growing out of them, thanks for the advice to buy the larger size...the aristrocrats look adorable from what I have seen in on the web :) That is awesome that you are getting a hand made one