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05-29-2003, 07:57 AM
?!!" LOL!!

I am a Urogynecologist. This is a subspecialty of Ob/Gyn which concentrates on female incontinence and pelvic reconstructive surgery. I don't actively practice obstetrics anymore, but I do still cover the residents while on call for deliveries once in a while. Now that you know that, my subject title doesn't seem so odd! So as much I would love to meet all of your ladies in person, I hope that it isn't because you need my type of services professionally! But, on a more serious note, if you do have issues with incontinence or prolapse, please tell your doctor about them because there may be interventions that can really help available for your specific needs.

I have so enjoyed the information and interaction that I have gotten from these boards. Thank you to anyone out there who has ever posted even a single message for this! I look forward to continuing getting to know you all and to give back a little!

**Edited because I realized my subject line was not very inviting to the dads out there! Hey, guys have pelvic floor muscles too -- they just don't have quite the same, uhm, issues post-delivery as gals do!

05-29-2003, 06:26 PM
Welcome Chrissy!!! Chloe is just beautiful! I grew up in Manhattan, but you couldn't pay me to move back! Of course, I live just outside the City and my OB is in NYC so I have to go often...but still, I don't live there! But I've yet to meet another person who doesn't like living there--it must be just me!;)

Glad to see you here, and I look forward to hearing more about you and Chloe!

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05-29-2003, 10:28 PM
It's great having you here, Chrissy!!! Thanks for the formal intro; I was guessing that you're in the medical field! :)

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05-29-2003, 11:57 PM
Welcome (officially)! I love the pic of Chloe.

trying-to-conceive :)

05-30-2003, 04:51 AM
Welcome Chrissy - I've been trying to find an appropriate outlet to say how dang cute Chloe is! Good to have both of you on the boards. I'm not a doctor, but I've been doing Kegels since before Ainsleigh was born and it has DEFINITELY helped all sorts of things (wink wink, nudge nudge). Looking forward to getting to know you better!

05-30-2003, 10:12 AM

And yes ma'am!! ;)

05-30-2003, 10:53 AM
Welcome aboard! Chloe is gorgeous! Thanks for the intro--it's great to "meet" you!

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05-30-2003, 11:53 AM
From one newbie to another,welcome!What a cutie pie Chloe is!

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05-30-2003, 12:18 PM
Chrissy, so glad you're here!

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05-30-2003, 09:17 PM
Totally glad your here.....Chloe is such a doll..

05-31-2003, 05:30 AM
Thank you everyone for your warm welcome. It's times like right now (nursing at 4:30AM!) where it's nice to know you are not alone!

05-31-2003, 10:51 PM
Chrsiiy so glad that you have introduced yourself!!! I look forward to watching Chloe grow here on the boards...I'll need reminders to do my Kegals too :)...

06-02-2003, 02:14 AM
Welcome from one Chicagoan and Bugaboo owner to another!

06-04-2003, 07:03 PM
Hi Chrissy!

As you know, I also live in Chicago. My Nate is just a few days older than Chloe. You didn't deliver at NMH did you?

06-05-2003, 10:23 AM
I work up at Evanston Hospital so I delivered there. But with our delivery dates being so close, I always wondered if we were unknowingly at the same hospital with a day or so overlapping!

06-06-2003, 03:38 PM
Welcome, officially! I've really been enjoying having you here. Also, great to meet a fellow Phi Mu. I'm 2 years older than you so we were even active at the same time. I'll confess, though, that I haven't kept active at all. Life just gets in the way of that stuff! ;-)